Most Underrated Albums of the '90s


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1On a Day Like Today - Bryan Adams

Still very romantic and beautiful album but wasn't as successful as his previous records - Irina2932

2I'm Breathless - Madonna

Madonna showed absolutely new sound and vocal. She changed her voice and sounded like real jazz artist. This album is very original and creative - Irina2932

3Close to Seven - Sandra

In this album Sandra sounds like Enigma and it only makes this record more special - Irina2932

4I've Been Expecting You - Robbie Williams
5It's a Man's World - Cher

The most underrated Cher album. That's for sure - Irina2932

6A Woman and a Man - Belinda Carlisle

Powerful album but people didn't buy it - Irina2932

7Pure Instinct - Scorpions

Very interesting and even intriguing sound - Irina2932

8Paintings In Yellow - Sandra

It was popular in some countries of Europe but it deserved more, much more
Singles "Hiroshima", "(Life May Be) A Big Insanity" and "One More Night" were great - Irina2932

9Bedtime Stories - Madonna

Big hits 'Take a Bow', 'Secret' and 'Human Nature' but not that big album sales - Irina2932

10Angel Dust - Faith No More

The greatest album of all time hands down

The most influential album of all time

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11Pop - U2

One of their best albums musically and lyrically, but it was hated by critics and fans when released.

12Core - Stone Temple PilotsV1 Comment
13The Downward Spiral - Nine Inch Nails
14Full Moon, Dirty Hearts - INXS

I think this is one of their best albums - Irina2932

15Rise - Bad Brains
16Be Here Now - Oasis
17Stupid Dream - Porcupine Tree

This is one of the best albums ever made and so few people have heard it...

18Celine Dion - Celine Dion

Yes, Celine had many successful albums in the 90's but this one deserved the same acclaim. The whole album is great! - Irina2932

Should have been as big as her most successful 90's albums 'Falling Into You' and 'Let's Talk About Love'.
Hits "Love Can Move Mountains", "Water from the Moon", "Did You Give Enough Love", "Beauty and the Beast" and "Nothing Broken But My Heart" - Irina2932

19Erotica - Madonna
20Laura Branigan - Laura BraniganLaura Ann Branigan was an American singer, songwriter, and actress known for her powerful, husky alto singing voice which spanned four octaves.
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1. On a Day Like Today - Bryan Adams
2. I'm Breathless - Madonna
3. Close to Seven - Sandra



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