Top Ten Most Underrated Albums

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241The Bridge - Ace of Base
242Celine Dion - Celine Dion
243All I Ever Wanted - Kelly Clarkson
244Three Days Grace - Three Days Grace
245Love? - Jennifer Lopez
246The Will to Death - John Frusciante

... Just true art.

To be honest all his work is underrated. Come on people...

247Adore - Smashing Pumpkins

It may have ranked #2 on the Billboard 200, but The Smashing Pumpkins follow up to Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness is truly beautiful. Reviews werent terrible (persay) but this album deserved more attention throughout the world.

248Two Lights - Five for Fighting

Piano pop rock record from the "100 Years guy". This out beats that song. Great record.. Grew up with it.

249DC EP - John Frusciante

A beautiful 4 track EP from RHCP guitarist John Frusciante.. "A Corner" being the best track..

250Congratulations - MGMT

Better than Oracular. Darker. Psychedelic. Wonderful.

251Green Naugahyde - Primus

Funk rock classic. Weird and wonderful. Les Claypool. Greatest bass player. New album..

252Songs From an American Movie Vol. One: Learning How to Smile - Everclear
253By the Way - Red Hot Chili Peppers

This is the Chilies best, but it gets overlooked to Californication. Californication is good, but does not have as many great songs as By The Way. Universally Speaking and Tear. By The Way and Californication have equally great hits, but when it comes to the tracks, By The Way breaks into 1st.

254Revolver - The Beatles

A lot of people know Revolver, but it gets overlooked to Sgt. Peppers and Abbey Road. It's better than both by miles.

255Sublime - Sublime

No one seems to know this band, and this is there amazing album of absolute domination.

256The Unforgettable Fire - U2

It's tied with Joshua Tree, and I'm not saying Joshua Tree is overrated, it's great, but this should get the same amount of credit. Achtung Baby is great, but this masterpiece is better. It has a sound to it that just hits.

257Physical Graffiti - Led Zeppelin

This is better than Led Zeppelin 4.

258Mother's Milk - Red Hot Chili Peppers

This can stand it's own to Blood Sugar Sex Magik, for Give It Away there's Higher Ground, for Soul To Squeeze there's Taste The Pain, and then Show Me Your Soul, Knock Me Down, Fire, and especially Johnny Kick A Hole In The Sky, takes the cake. There isn't an Under The Bridge, there will never be, but as an album it's better.

259Under a Blood Red Sky - U2

This U2 live album takes the best songs from Boy, October and War and performs them live. U2 live is unlike any live experience, being the ideal live band, and the live versions of Sunday Bloody Sunday, I Will Follow, and New Year's Day is unbelievably good.

260The Piper at the Gates of Dawn - Pink Floyd

So great, but overlooked. I don't think Sid Barrett is as good as Gilmore, but he deserves recognition. This highly psychological blast of light is great. If it was a cat, I'd say,
There's no ways can describe that cat!?!?!

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