Most Underrated Film Stars

Movie stars that have not achieved the status or fame that they deserved. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Gillian Anderson
I would give her an OSCAR each year *g*
House of Mirth
Bleak House
She is perfect in every role she plays
Agree! she should sign more movies, damn Hollywood producer!
im so excited seeing her X - files this year.. well who doesn't =)


2Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Jonathan Rhys Meyers is one of the most underrated actors. HeĀ's able to play different characters. HeĀ's full of energy and heĀ's able to change his mood quickly on a role. HeĀ's a great character actor


HeĀ's a very talented actor, who is able to play different characters. Most underrated for his acting.

3Morgan Freeman
How can you not like his badass attitude and wise words, everything he says is memorable!


An actor par excellence..! I know nothing about the politics in Films.. But I know good actors.. And this man tops my list..!
Some of the movies he was in turned into some of the greatest movies of all time.


4Erika Eleniak
She could be a huge sex symbol of all time. People, where's your eyes?


5Eric Bana

6John Travolta
He's awesome! He was in Grease and Pulp Fiction! People he's good!


7Leonardo DiCaprio
One of my favourite actors!
Leo is the best

8Edward Norton
he is a brilliant actor I mean, Fight Club, American History X, Primal Fear, 25 th hour etc.


9Christian Bale
Probably the best actor in hollywood. Not many people gets into his/her roles like he does it. Spectacular in almost all movies his made. And its quite funny that his biggest role as a moviestar (batman) was probably one of his easiest roles! I recomend you people who haven't seen his other movies to see them. The fighter is a movie that deserves more credit and bale as always is fantastic!

10James Caviezel
Frequency was a great film, as was The Count of Monte Cristo. He played the villain in Deja Vu as well as Jesus in the Passion of the Christ. He is a very diversified actor. He should be getting more big roles than he does.

*Interesting Fact - He played one of the F18 pilots who bombed Alcatraz in The Rock.


The Contenders

11Sherilyn Fenn

12Al Pacino
He is the Best actor I have concluded after watching hundreds of Movies of different genres, actors and directors.


13Jennifer Lopez

14Ed Harris

15Alicia Silverstone
I love alicia silverstone she is one of my favorite she is so nice and pretty and I loved her in clueless also an underrated movie

16Jack Black
look at this list and tell me whats wrong... these are all highly rated filmstars wtf morgan freeman, al pacino, robert downey jr, jerry lewis, dean martin all very highly rated filmstars
i pick jack black because he is seen for his comedy but is underrated for his acting skills


He's a real comedian! His facial expression is so wide that I'm sure he could play any kind of character. Loved his performance in "Holiday".


He is seriously one of the best actors out there, School of Rock was truly memorable.


[Newest]When I see Robert Downey Jr. In this list.
I think he is overrated not underrated.

17Famke Janssen

18Cillian Murphy

19Robert Downey Jr.

20Chris Tucker

21Gary Oldman
How is Gary Oldman only at 51? A lot of these other 'underrated' actors have won Oscars and Gary hasn't! And Jack Black, an underrated actor? Granted, I do quite like him as an actor, but he's hardly legendary or world class by any standard!
He is quite possibly the greatest actor of the modern age, he has played so many roles and has used different voices for his roles but until recently did not win a single oscar.
Seriously underrated. He is capable of any role and not used enough. He's one of the best old school actors and should be up there with Sir Alec Guinnes

22Casper Van Dien

23John Cusack

24Dean Martin
Dean was a great singer, but he also wanted to be remembered as a great actor and comedian. The movie "Rio Bravo" is a good example of his acting skills. Then again he played a drunk so he was totally in his element haha!

25William Holden

26Vivien Leigh
I liked her in "Gone With the Wind" for it is my favorite film of all time, but she was equally as convincing and captivating in "A Streetcar Named Desire". Not to mention she only made twenty films and is one of eleven actresses to win two best actress Oscars. Also the first and only British actress to win a best actress Oscar. Enough said.
Her performance in "A Street Car Named Desire" was even better in my opinion then in "Gone With the Wind". She was an incredible film actress though she didn't star in many movies, and she made a great comeback at nearly 40 after winning an Oscar in her 20's. Only wish I could've seen her on stage.
Totally agree with the comment posted. Well written and my same thoughts exactly. Thanks!!!

27Jerry Lewis

28John C. Reilly

29Zooey Deschanel

30Keanu Reeves
His position in this list must have become lost in the matrix.
Sorry, I couldn't resist that joke.

31Alyson Hannigan
Incredible actress! Terribly underrated.


So Great! But very underrated. No idea why people don't see her true talent
This one time, at band camp, I stuck a flute in my...
Need I say more?
This one time, at band camp, this visitor brought these cookies...

32Errol Flynn

33Natalie Wood

34Michael J. Fox
Back to the Future is one of my favorite movies! This man needs another gig!
It's really a shame that he wasn't nominated for an Oscar for "Casualties of War."


35Deborah Kerr

36Tony Jaa
He does all his stunts in 2 minute takes


37Sal Mineo

38Emily Browning
She's one of a kind actress who acts naturally.

Cute and exquisite actress

39Benedict Cumberbatch

40James Franco
James Franco is such a nice Actor in 127 Hours, An American Crime, Spider-Man, Howl, Milk, The Wizard of Oz... And he's underrated too much.

41Tilda Swinton
Tilda Swinton is by far the best working actor today! Just look at her resume: 'Orlando', 'The War Zone', 'The Deep End', 'Michael Clayton', 'Julia', 'I Am Love', 'We Need to Talk About Kevin'.

She's prolific and exciting! Even her failures are fascinating to watch (Constantine anyone? Swinton was more interesting than Keanu Reeves).

42Jennifer Jones

43Miranda Richardson

44Ryan Gosling
He's a newer actor, in Blue Valentine he was tremendous, totally got robbed of a nomination at the Oscars. Half Nelson is another example, along with Lars and the real Girl. All good movies. All because of him.


45Jesse Eisenberg

46Beau Bridges

47Warren Oates

48Bridget Fonda

49Kristy Swanson

50Robin Tunney
Beautiful and very talented actress:Empire Records(1995), The Craft (1996), Niagara, Niagara (1997), Montana (1998), End of Days (1999), Supernova (2000), Vertical Limit (2000), Investigating Sex (2001), Cherish (2002), The Secret Lives of Dentists (2002),



52Shannen Doherty
should be a huge filmstar outside TV


53Dean Cain

54Geraint Wyn Davies

55Tom Sturridge
Amazing, very very talented and enigmatic. Watch Like Minds (2006). He should have been Edward Cullen instead of Robert Patterson.


56Shirly Brener
She's not only an actress but an athlete as well.

57Asia Argento
She plays a twisted sister too well. God bless her questionable soul.
She's not that famous in the U.S., though she has the potential.

58Ramon Bautista
This comedian is also a great indie film and stage actor.

59David Morse
He is so friggin amazing. if no one here has seen The Langoliers, him and Petricia Wettig are why the movie is good. D M is such an amazing actor and grossly underrated.


60Sam Rockwell

61Ryan Kelley
i just think he portrays every character he does really well i also think he should be in more films because he's an amazing actor


62Ben Foster

63Jakub Gierszal
He's acting in suicide room it's just amazing!

64Elijah Wood

65Tobey Maguire

66Peter Stormare

67Jeff Daniels

68Woody Harrelson

69Abigail Breslin

70Salman Khan
The most successfull star of India and iconic performances since last 25years he is ruling the nation by entartainment but till now he is not been awarded. Shame on you industries people go to hell.

71Matt Damon
I know tons of people who haven't seen or heard of any of the Bourne movies and/or don't even know who Matt Damon IS. Seriously, this generation is going downhill.

72Ewan McGregor

73Brendan Gleeson

74Jeff Bridges
Uhm... he's won an acadamy award, don't see why he's underrated. And that counts for nearly everybody on this list. Pretty stupid list...

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