Most Underrated Film Stars

Movie stars that have not achieved the status or fame that they deserved.

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1Gillian Anderson

I would give her an OSCAR each year *g*
House of Mirth
Bleak House
She is perfect in every role she plays

Agree! she should sign more movies, damn Hollywood producer!
im so excited seeing her X - files this year.. well who doesn't =) - mesh13

2Morgan Freeman

How can you not like his badass attitude and wise words, everything he says is memorable! - the-dude-2000

An actor par excellence..! I know nothing about the politics in Films.. But I know good actors.. And this man tops my list..!

Some of the movies he was in turned into some of the greatest movies of all time. - booklover1

He is one of the best actors I know of. - nic1997ps3

3Jonathan Rhys Meyers

He�'s a very talented actor, who is able to play different characters. Most underrated for his acting.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is one of the most underrated actors. He�'s able to play different characters. He�'s full of energy and he�'s able to change his mood quickly on a role. He�'s a great character actor - Anny

4Erika Eleniak

She could be a huge sex symbol of all time. People, where's your eyes? - Magnolia

5John Travolta

He's awesome! He was in Grease and Pulp Fiction! People he's good! - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

6Eric Bana
7Edward Norton

he is a brilliant actor I mean, Fight Club, American History X, Primal Fear, 25 th hour etc.
- RonGuns

8Leonardo DiCaprio

One of my favourite actors!

Leo is the best

9Robert Downey Jr.
10James Caviezel

Frequency was a great film, as was The Count of Monte Cristo. He played the villain in Deja Vu as well as Jesus in the Passion of the Christ. He is a very diversified actor. He should be getting more big roles than he does.

*Interesting Fact - He played one of the F18 pilots who bombed Alcatraz in The Rock. - Freak_Show1

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11Christian Bale

Probably the best actor in hollywood. Not many people gets into his/her roles like he does it. Spectacular in almost all movies his made. And its quite funny that his biggest role as a moviestar (batman) was probably one of his easiest roles! I recomend you people who haven't seen his other movies to see them. The fighter is a movie that deserves more credit and bale as always is fantastic!

12Sherilyn Fenn
13Al Pacino

He is the Best actor I have concluded after watching hundreds of Movies of different genres, actors and directors. - redgedawson

14Jack Black

look at this list and tell me whats wrong... these are all highly rated filmstars wtf morgan freeman, al pacino, robert downey jr, jerry lewis, dean martin all very highly rated filmstars
i pick jack black because he is seen for his comedy but is underrated for his acting skills - sillywalks

He's a real comedian! His facial expression is so wide that I'm sure he could play any kind of character. Loved his performance in "Holiday". - alexa

He is seriously one of the best actors out there, School of Rock was truly memorable. - jso11

School of Rock, Tenacious D, Anchorman Jack Black is the best - firewrkninja

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15Ed Harris
16Alicia Silverstone

I love alicia silverstone she is one of my favorite she is so nice and pretty and I loved her in clueless also an underrated movie

17Jennifer Lopez

This woman does not get the credit she deserves as an actress.

18Chris Tucker
19Famke Janssen
20Casper Van Dien
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