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I think everything on Warning is underrated but this song is just beautiful. You can just listen to it over and over again.

62Christie Road

This is a truly great song that dates back to a life story as a teen. Super underrated...


Quite a good song, deserves more fame

66Extraordinary Girl
67Jesus of SuburbiaV1 Comment
68Coming Clean
69Going to Pasalacqua

My favorite on 1039/smoothed out slapped hours. If you like old Green Day this song is amazing!

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70Stay the Night
71Poprocks and Coke

Was featured as a previously unreleased track on "international superhits! " And therefore got close to no attention. In my opinion it is a Green Day classic and "legit" one of their best!


A great song that they should play live MUCH more often

In my opinion, the best song of Dookie

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73PeacemakerV1 Comment
74I Was There

This should be on the album, Warning. This is such a good song. I think it was use in American Pie 2. Great song

This should be in the album Warning. This is such a good song. It was used in American Pie 2 I think

77MinorityV1 Comment

I never hear anyone talk about this song but it is one of the best. A fast, short, flawless rocker.

79Tired of Waiting for You
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