Most Underrated Heavy Metal Bands

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The Top Ten

The Death In Me

2Living Sacrifice

Are you kidding me?
How the hell are they under rated?
They are one the biggest thrash legends for God's sake
Whaat?!? Anthrax is not underrated has someone heard about the BIG 4? Anthrax is there, Anthrax IS the law
They are very underrated because people don't put them in the same class as megadeth and slayer when in reality I think anthrax is better than those bands


4For Today

5Avenged Sevenfold
A7 is the most overrated metal band
Most over rated band of all time after one direction


Trivium should win this list but I guess a7x is so overrated that they even win the most underrated metal band
Makes as good of metal as the best. Pull harder on the strings of your martyr is a modern classic.

Savatage is a very complete band. The melodies are complex and perfect, as if each instrument's line was carefully planned - yet, it all sounds so intuitive. The vocals too are amazing, I mean, very few singers can perform Hall of The Mountain King (oh, those high staccato notes! ). The lyrics are just pure poetry, they come up with these intricate stories, and make them so universal that everyone can relate to them. I could spend the rest of my life just listening to Savatage and Beethoven.


I hear of almost all of the bands above this all of the time, but I never hear anything about Savatage, and it's far better than most of those bands. The only reason I even learned about Savatage was because I looked at Trans-Siberian Orchestral's page on wikipedia. This band was both one of the first Thrash Metal bands and one of the first Symphonic Metal bands, they are hugely influential, but they rarely get the credit they deserve.
Simply the best and most influential metal bands out there. Operatic and classically inclined - a real breakthrough for progressive and symphonic metal.
[Newest]Chris Oliva may be the most underrated guitar player ever. The riffs he comes up with are simply amazing and his solos are incredibly clean.

8Breaking Benjamin
They are not underrated
Although they are underrated, they ARE NOT HEAVY METAL.
Heck, they aren't even metal. They're post grunge.

9Demon Hunter

10Bullet For My Valentine
The first band that got me into metal world.
Love their songs, their voice, their riffs n drums
Definitely one of the most underrated metal band.
They are a cool band

The Contenders

Anvil defined metal back in the day. They were role models to Slash, Scott Ian, Lars Ulrich and other rock and metal profiles. Lemmy himself stated that he always liked Anvil. For some reason they never made it the whole way. That's the very DEFINITION of underrated! AVENGED SEVENFOLD IS THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE! They are the most overrated bunch of douche bags I have ever heard of!
Laugh out loud top 3 are possibly the most overrated of all time. Laugh out loud how can bands that get played on the radio 24/7 be underrated. Anvil is a classic influential metal band that only started gaining popularity with a fan-made documentary that wowed critics. Savatage is another good pick.
I just saw Anvil October 6th in Toronto. They are incredible live. No drummer is as good as Rob Reiner period. I was blown away by the sheer energy. This band is still hungry 37 years later. Lips is a excellent front man and personality! His lead playing is impressive and original! A much more real from the heart concert experience.

12Deep Purple

Although the groundwork of metal was already built by Ritchie Blackmore/ Deep Purple (experimental rock songs based on classical music), Blackmore isolated this pure metal sound on the Rainbow tracks. Credits for inventing subgenres like power metal, speed metal and neo-classical metal go exclusively to Rainbow. They also perfected the traditional metal and added certain epic feel and some proggy nuances.
Members: Dio (RIP) - vocals, lyrics; Ritchie Blackmore - guitars, songwriting; Roger Glover - bass; Cozy Powell (RIP) - drums; Several keyboardists.
Check out their genre defining songs:
From the 1976 album: Stargazer, A Light in the Black, Tarot Woman
From the 1978 album: Gates Of Babylon, Kill The King, LA Connection
Metal instrumentals (neo-classical): Still I'm Sad 1975; Difficult To Cure 1981


14Faith No More

I don't know why a7x is at the top. If anything they're overrated because they sold out and copied Metallica on hail to the king and were in 2 Call of Duty games. So underrated is not them. Granted I still like their music but disturbed has still sold more records and has done better and is just an amazing band who cares more about the music than the fame. Extremely talented and TRUE musicians
David Draiman's amazing vocals are way too underrated. Why is Avenged Sevenfold on the top? Ask anyone who Avenge Sevenfold is and they'll know. Ask anyone who Disturbed is and you'll find less people know.
I don, t know how is a7x the 1st in most underrated in my mind they are one of the most overrated.. Compare them to band like Disturbed Slipknot... You will know what I mean.


[Newest]Disturbed isn't overrated or underrated there in between

No other band on mother earth ever made songs, so rhythmic and melodically diverse... Yet I can't find their name in the top 200 Hard rock bands!
They deserve to be counted among Anthrax and Korn.
Saliva is epic and better than almost all of these bands on here


18Crown The Empire

19Puddle of Mudd

Hey ax7 is way too overrated to be underrated guys... Look at shinedown they are a record making band and no1 knows about 'em

ror":{ "message":"(#803)someof

Sound of Madness was a killer album
I LOVE "Bully" AND "Her Name Is Alice"

21Papa Roach


23Blind Guardian
These guys are very good and their amount of skill and talent shows in their music. Every album they make, they aim to surpass their last, and they do it every time. These guys have quality music and their skill is way beyond any other metal band I've heard
SO under-rated! Can knock anyone off their pedestal!
Gods of power metal

24Alter Bridge
Alter Bridge is the best rock-cum-metal band there is out there today. But they ARE NOT HEAVY METAL!
Although a fan of a7x and Syn too but Mr Mark Tremonti is Awesome.

25Dream Theater

They're exist at the wrong time..where big 4 still influenced most of thrash metal world. To be honest..their music maybe more aggressive and attractive compared to big 4.
For me..dimebag, vinnie and phil are the best!
Dime is the one who inspired me to play guitar and still encourages me today
I think they are correctly rated.


They're not exactly metal.


Dio is way too underrated like I know their vocalist Ronnie James Dio aka The best vocalist of all time is dead and all but they deserve more credit bands like Metallica are so overrated but they aren't as good as most bands like Dio. Dio is classic if you don't know Dio you don't know metal Dio is by far one of the best bands out there they had the perfect singer but not many people has heard of Dio. I am growing up this generation I am 13 and I don't listen to this popular music I listen to metal or in other words Dio.


30Primal Fear

They were at the start of the NWOBHM but never got the accolades they deserved. The Schenker albums are true legend


32Mercyful Fate
I rarely see these guys mentioned but what is wrong with this list? The ONLY band that belongs in the top ten is Anvil, the entire list is almost completely made up of commercial overrated nu-metal and metalcore
It's unbelievable that a band like Mercyful Fate is so underrated, they have been inspiration for great bands like slayer and metallica. It is an amazing band and King Diamond's voice is outstanding.

33Strapping Young Lad
The band made couple masterpiece albums (City, Alien) and few good albums in relatively short time of existence. The band had enormous amount of talent in them, both playing and songwriting skills. Not just Devin Townsend, but also Jed Simon (guitar), Byron Stroud (bass) and most of all Gene Hoglan (drums, the Atomic-Clock himself) are excellent players.
SYL has more class and quality in their "average" song than most of the bands have in their whole catalogue. SYL managed to to blend many styles, like industrial, thrash, death, melodic death, grindcore, progressive, djent, hard rock etc. Perfectly together and create their own unique style of complex and modern extreme metal, which remains to be a class of their own, right at the top. But they haven't ever got nearly as enough attention as they deserve.
Strapping Young Lad would knock off Avenged Sevenfold's socks off with one single drum beat, man. These are way more complex than the majority of post-grunge bands (I don't mind Staind, as long as it's during the Dysfunction era and I love Deftones, in fact you'll love S.Y.L. if you like Deftones). Listen to S.Y.L. , Satan's Ice Cream Truck, Love? , Detox, Oh My God and All Hail the New Flesh. They are also pretty funny too.
SYL is a hidden gem, leaded by the epic devin townsend.


So so heavy. Listen to them live to get what I mean. This guys vocals are beast, and the drummer has the best groove. Listen to "Explosia", "The Art of Dying", "Toxic Garbage Island" and "Ocean Planet". Amazing
Awesome band. Deserve way more credit and exposure than what they get. Avenged seven fold? Haha if they are so underrated why are they no. 7 in the best metal bands of all time top ten list?
I don't get why A7 is at nr 1...



THE underrated thrash metal band.


39Blue Öyster Cult
They are kinda their own genre but they are pretty underrated at least they're good albums

40Black Veil Brides


The only band on here that is a true metal band. Get out the way ax7, they can't keep up with the onslaught of Meshuggah's power. Shinedown? Not even a metal band!
I love jamming out to lithargica

Great Band. One of the first Power Metal Bands. Since '77 their first album they've got a lot of really great albums, like "Thundersteel", "Fire Down Under" or "Destiny" and that's only a few.

R.I.P. mark Reale
Should be in the top 10 at least.

44Sonata Arctica
Finnish power metal band.. Popular nationaly.. But underrated internationaly.. They should have a high position they deserve.. But silly they are kicked away by other artist's like Justin bieber/One direction.. And I DARE YOU TO LISTEN THEIR SONGS
Got me into metal, and is in my opinion one of the best out there!

Michael kiske has one of the greatest voices ever! I would go as far as to compare to Ronnie James dio


Nor Underrated, Or Overrated. They Actually Got Better Without Cliff. Lars Is the Worst Metal Drummer. The Other Big Four Blows. What Will Metallica Do Without Hammett?
A band from the Big-4 can't be regarded as underrated!


In my opinion Metallica is way to overrated not underrated

47Black Bomb A


49Diamond Head
Diamond Head should be #1. They have great songs, plus bands such as Metallica and SLAYER have listed Diamond Head as a key influence. Metallica's song Am I Evil? Is actually a diamond Head song.


The forefathers of all modern metal
Listen to 'Am I Evil' and you will be convinced
Syncopated droptuning guitar riffs, galloping through the forrests of medeival England, beheading the unjust purveyors of evil, upholding the swords of truth and justice. Timeless and immortal.



Incredible thrash band, they cannot be described in any other way than fantastic
With the king of bass, Steve DiGiorgio, I'm really unsure how they didn't make it to the levels of Exodus and Testament
Here Is A Underrated Band. The Bass Lord Steve Digiorgio. Must Be Poser If Hadn't ListenTo Chemical Exposure, Swallowed In Black.



55Thousand Foot Krutch
I saw them at Winter Jam and they are pretty underrated.

The Sacramento quintet constantly teeter between malicious and the surreal with several outstanding records but always appear as an afterthought in the metal community. For a taste of singer Chino Moreno's blood curdling screams one only has to listen to the song 'hexagram'. For crushing riffs go no further than 'Diamond Eyes'. The entire album, White Pony, is a showcase of not only intricate and well executed drumming, but a display of pure art. Deftones may have never been the flashiest of metal bands, but definitely one of the raddest in the last 20 years.

A band from the Big-4 can't be regarded as underrated!


58Machine Head
How is this not in the top ten. Also slayer and anthrax are not underrated and Metallica is way overrated.
Unlike much of this liat, Machine Head is a metal band. I'm typing this in November 2014 and they've just released their 3rd absolute masterpiece in a row. They're at the top of the metal heap right now.

This is the stupidest list in the history of metal. SAXON behind avenged sevenfold, kiss, D.R. I, Overkill, Deftones? What! Saxon sould be AT LEAST #5.

60Rev Theory
Agreed totally. But they aren't heavy metal.





65Municipal Waste

You are dead to me
This Is Metal Not Rock. Why Are They Here? Anyway, These Guys Are Like Over Sixtyfive Years Old Already.

67Love and Death
A heavier version of korn

68Goodmorning, Gorgeous

69Falling In Reverse

For Further detail.. Listen on youtube "Heavenly - Destiny"...

71The Word Alive

72Glass Cloud

73I, the Breather

74The Afterimage



77Verbal Abuse

78Dr. Know

79Flotsam and Jetsam


81Nuclear Assault



84Sacred Reich





89Bad Brains

90Toxic Holocaust


92Septic Death


94Suicidal Tendencies

95Lawnmower Deth

96Cross Examination

97The Brood

98Uncle Slam



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