Most Underrated Johnny Depp Movies


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1Alice in Wonderland

It's really pretty underrated although he's great( as always) but I wouldn't say it's number one. I mean, thery're producing part two now, aren't they?


Its not as bad as the critics said it to be... Its funny definitely..

3Don Juan DeMarco

The most romantic movie of the 90's - Alexandr

4Jack and Jill
5Arizona Dream
6The Lone Ranger

I don't know why everyone hates it so much, but I think it's a pretty good movie. The story's good, the actors are pretty good, and the whole film is pretty good!

8The Brave

The brave is a great movie no one seems to accept. Johnny directed this movie himself and I think he did a great job. No one expected him to make such a serious and sad movie but it is good. Its got a message and that's what is important I think.

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9The Libertine
10Public Enemies

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11From Hell
12Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas
13Dead Man

Great movie this is the 1 st time I've ever written anything about any actor or any one really He is very underrated actor.

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14Benny and Joon

I wanted to vote for DEAD MAN but...
The movie made me cry...
Made me a lot of remembering and I felt every second of life after watching this movie...
JOHNNY was like a sweet pie I wanted to bite the T.V.!

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15Cry Baby

He was awesome in this movie but not appreciated - Alexandr

I love this film. I am a 78 year old woman.

16The Ninth Gate
17Secret Window
18The Astronaut's Wife
19Corpse Bride
20Finding Neverland

I understand it got a fair amount of critical acclaim but it didn't get nearly enough attention outside of that. Great movie and terrific performances from the entire cast, not just Depp.

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