Most Underrated Metal Genres

Genres of metal music that are good but are underrated.

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1 Technical death metal

As much as I like the musicianship it is really boring woo look how fast I can go up the fret board and how my friend can play off beat grooves!

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2 Neo-classical metal
3 Symphonic metal

The beauty of the orchestra mixed with metal, the "beast" in person. Who can't love this?

4 Power metal

some power metal classics are as follows - through the fire and flames, I want out, emerald sword, Hunting high and low, rebellion in dreamland, full moon and mirror mirror, listen to those songs and you will be addicted to power metal. Guaranteed - wolphert

5 Progressive metal

Yep, thought I will found this genre in this place :( But the most Overrated metal genre is Nu-Metal

Progressive metal is unknown because I really can't find a prog metal band that rocks unless dark tranquillity

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6 Folk metal

The only people who don't like folk metal are people who haven't listened to it.

I have only listened to this once and I think it is amazing

The Best Of All Subs of metal of course...
Bands like : Eluveitie, Mago de Oz, Korplikani, Turisas, Týr, and must others band...
Live the pagan times agaun with Folk Metal

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7 Christian metal

Bands like Theocracy and Darkwater are epic. They mix metal with a good message. Unless you're an atheist, in which case it's probably one of the most retarted genres ever. Haha

I'm personally agnostic and I don't think all atheists or people that have separate beliefs from Christianity would consider it stupid, to me good music is good music no matter what genre

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8 Doom metal

Doom is very powerful with much diversity. Doom it self has multiple sub-genres. Some of the best guitar playing I van heard has come from doom metal. It can still be heavy, powerful and kick your ass with out relying on speed. The genres main pioneers are the all-mighty Black Sabbath. They laid down the template for not only metal but all of doom metal that followed.

One of the 8 major metal subgenres, and yet the most successful album in doom history is Electric Wizard's Dopethrone, which has never even gotten anywhere near gold. Understandable for black metal which should never be commercialized and death metal since it's so out there, but there's literally nothing's stopping doom metal from being popular.
"Depressing? " Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Garbage, Korn, they were all depressing too. Admit it: trad and epic doom especially should be popular, but aren't because doom's too slow.

Earliest subgenre of heavy metal is mostly unknown to everyone even die-hard metalheads. Only my dying bride, paradise lost, katatonia etc. Get some popularity. Pentagram, saint vitus, candlemass, withfinder genereal are from 80's but unknown in 80, s metal scene. If there was no wickipaedia, I didn't know that this genre exists.

9 Industrial metal

With Celldweller and Blue Stahli it is the best sub-genre!

Some industrial metal is some of the heaviest metal I've ever heard.

10 Groove metal

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11 Nu metal V 2 Comments
12 Post-metal

I want it to stay underrated. I don't want people to discover gems like Isis. I want the usual metalheads to rot, listening to mainstream metal.

13 Black metal
14 Stoner Metal
15 Sludge metal

The Melvins, Acid Bath, a fusion between Hardcore and Metal... Amazing.

Very very underrated, I must say that, they are such a distinguished metal sud genre - Ananya

16 Drone metal
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