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Amy Lee


Voice like no other.. Really unique, I'd recognize it even if she whispers ;)


Amy Lee all the way! WHOO! I love her voice I can always tell its her. I love her songs and love to sing them too. Nobody could hate her! She is truly the best1
Amy is the most famous singer in the world. She's so talented and unique. Specially, her voice is amazing. Shes better than 16. Shes deserve that. Congrats AMY!
Her voice very rare, she has strong female vocal, she can sing perfectly during live concert, you can compare between voice in live and in cd,
What the hell! She should be at least #3! She is unique beatiful and really talented! Whoever made this list should get brainwashed!
I think that Amy Lee could be on the top with this magic and sexy voice she has. I'm too dissapoined she is on such a law position. I would please all of the friends of Evanescence to vote Amy Lee in order to go to the top
Amy Lee is really beautiful and unique voice, Amy's voice is heavenly and peaceful, because she is an ANGEL!
Haven't heard anyone sing like her in my 18 years of existence! Her voice is pure gold. I love Amy Lee to bits!
How is she not number 1 are you people stupid or something. Vote for her honestly she's amazing.
Her voice is makes me cry every time, Really!
Amy is the best of all when it comes to uniqueness. Very talented and naturally beautiful.
People.. Amy Lee should be number one.. Because truly she has the best unique voice ever
Her voice is so great that it brings tears to my eyes and shivers to my spine at times.
She is one of the few people who sings live and still sounds amazing...
Her voice is so different than anybody else. Why is she so low!?
Her voice is so eerily beautiful it haunts you with every lyric.
Amy lee.. Wonderful character... Love her very much. Can't forget!
Her voice is my paradise calling from hell! Magic!
She is an angel namely "The Angel Amy". Love you Amy!
Most beautiful singing voice in the world.
She's the most amazing singer ever!
Eats the other guys for breakfast
Like her my immortal rendition
She is The Best unique voice ever
Unique, unique and Unique...
Amy is the best!
Om my gosh, she is voice is very unique and rare. Amy, you're is number 1.
I love you Amy, because she is really UNIQUE!

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