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Chester Bennington


I recognize his voice anywhere. No one can sing, scream or sound like Chester in anyway possible.
Chester should at least be in the top 5! He has one of the most unique singing voices with so much emotion, being able to sing mellow songs, but also able to make a good scream as well. I don't think anyone has a singing voice like Chester's
Chester? What, he's just the best singer in the world, and I ask everyone, to get someone who could sing like him. Yes, its a challange to everyone! Go ahead and try to do best than he does! :)
Also, I don't know if you notice in his voice, Chester has 3 tones in his voice! You can do what you want, but nobody on this list as the same he does!
Is an unique voice that nobody can cover.
His voice is one of the only voices that I can recognize immediately. He is one of the greatest singers of all time and if you listen to his scream in Given Up, you cannot deny that he has got amazing talent. THAT MAN IS INCREDIBLE
His voice is so good. He can sing in many different ways and still make it sound good, whether it's a ballad or a head banging rock song he'll make it an instant classic!
Chester Bennington is the world's best artist! Screams like a Daemon and sings like an Angel! That's Enough! No one in the whole world can cover anything e sings! Cause he is the best!
Chester has an amazing, beautiful and diverse voice that really can't be explained. If you haven't heard him sing go listen to some early linkin park music right away!
Chester has such a unique voice... I'll recognize his voice even if I'm in deep sleep... He should be in the top 3...
CHESTER IS THE BEST! Man he can sing about 3.5-4octaves! And he can maintain to do a vocal fry in single note for 10seconds, he should be number 1
I could recognize Chester's voice anywhere. He has the best voice, and definitely the best SCREAM! /he deserves to be in the top 5.
His vocal variations are Out standing... Chester Bennington's voice is the soul of Linkin Park... He deserves a much better Rank.
I can't believe Chester is not on number one he has the most unique voice I've ever heard I would recognize his voice anywere. No one ever can or will, be abel to sing like him. Even if I were dead I'd still recognize his voice


Chester Bennington is the Best singer and best screamer. Amy Lee is good singer but Chester is King. Linkin Park Rocks!
Listen to the piano version of Pushing Me Away and live version of QWERTY and you'll understand who is the boss
I can't believe he is 14th, he should me at least 2nd. The judges on this site were probably voting and judging drunk.
What the HELL. Chester is the best. Mad are the rest. His voice is awesome. Just listen to him once yo dumb people.
Chester is really down this low! Come on he's got one of the best voices of all times. Vote Chester higher!
Are you kidding me? He has an angelic voice.. He sings like an angel and screams like a demon
Why is Chester so low, he obviously has one of the most unique voices of all time.
We need to get Chester Bennington away from Madonna he should far surpass her


One of the best voices ever!
I wanna marry his voice! Although I'm a boy... -3-
He is underrated, but in coming 10 years he will be at 3rd or 4th. He is an awesome and world best singer in rock as well as pop. He can scream and sing softly. He sings with his soul, emotion. For me he is no1. You will believe soon.
Just scream once like Chester and I'll be your slave forever!
You just need to hear blackout to know he's a top 10er for sure!
Looking for UNIQUE? This is the guy! He can scream and instantly move to his normal voice. He has a so good voice that anyone would easily recognize!

And why the hell is Amy Lee and Jared Lato above him? Amy Lee got no uniqueness, she sounds like any other girl.

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