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Christina Aguilera


One of the most unique Mezzo sopranos out there! I think a lot of this site is going by preference and mixing female and male vocalists together also makes it more difficult.
She has the most amazing range of tones. Easily recognizable and probably only second to Mariah Carey. Christina sings a better variety of styles tough.
Very distinctive voice, very powerful and her style is very sultry. Somehow I wish I can sing like her
Are you kidding me she has one of the most incredible voices... She should be in the top 5. If not no1... This list is so wrong,!
Not only her voice is unique but also her singing.. Greatest voice ever.. Gorgeous tone and eclectic singing...
Christina must be on the 10 ten! Her voice is AMAZING!
Christina is the best. No doubt.
She is the Queen. Her voice is angelic and powerful.
Vote her.. The best
It's ridiculous that she isn't in the top 5...
Best voice EVER to be honest
Listen (Ou├ža) Beautiful, Fighter, Ain't No Other Man, Candyman, Hurt, Not Myself Tonight, You Lost Me, Your Body, Let There Be Love
The loudestethe loudest, the highest, the sweetest, the more beautiful is
Christina. and Since her childhood with mickey mouse club, Best N.01

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