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Gerard Arthur Way is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and comic book writer who was the lead vocalist and co-founder of the American alternative rock band My Chemical Romance from its formation in September 2001 until its split in March 2013. His debut solo album Hesitant Alien was released more.


Gerard Way has the most recognizable voice ever, you could pick it out of a crowd of 100 singers! Its crazy that he's only 35! Really? And Rhydian taking top spot again! That's crazy talk people! With Gerard it's anthemic, fist pounding, foot stomping and spine tingling vocals with matching Lyrics. He deserves the top! MY Chem are some of the most talented people EVER and deserve the highest standard of Praise. That's all I can say

Gerard should definitely be in at the least the top 20's. There's a reason why every day on my way home from school I listen to a full album of My Chemical Romance without pause. There's a reason I don't listen to other bands. There's a reason I only do covers of My Chemical Romance, and there's a reason why I never get tired of listening to them. That's Gerard. And the guitars, of course! Gerard has such a distinctive, emotional voice that whenever I try to sing just like him, I find myself crying because it's so edgy. I could recognize him from any song. Bring him up to the 20s!

This is an abomination! Gerard Way's voice is so unique and everyone has a different opinion about it. Some of my friends think he has a nails on a chalkboard voice. However, I personally think he has a beautiful voice, and I could pick it out anywhere. The contest isn't "Most Agreeable Voice" it's "Most Unique Voice. " I've never heard a voice like his, He should be way up there in the top 10.

This guy's lyrics are literally one of the best I've ever heard. And there is something about they way his vocals progress as he went through his former band up til now. A--mazing. He makes singing not just singing - he lets you know it's art. His art, and your art. A vocalist makes a vocalist a VOCALIST when you put all of your heart into what you're doing and saying and singing about. I'm sorry but he easily trumps some of these other people at the top, but that isn't unusual. It's all popularity, but this is real. - Papergirl

I know everyone loves certain peoples voices, but you can't deny the raw emotion in Gee's singing. Helena and Famous Last Words are two of my favorite songs, and I have heard many great singer's voices before. From Michael Jackson to James Hetfield to Freddie Mercury to Sebastian Bach, there are so many great and recognizable voices out there. But I've only ever FELT one singer's voice, and that is Gerard's. If he's not in the top 20 MINIMUM, I don't honestly know how much credibility this poll has.

His voice is not for everyone. But I fell in love with it, I fell in love with Gerard the very first time I heard it. He is my hero and his voice is unforgivable. Just like you said before me, I would recognize him anywhere. If million persons shouted and yelled, I would know exactly where is Gerard.

Gerard has a beautiful voice, how is he only at 34? D: I could pick his voice out easily, it's so strong and sends shivers down my spine. Plus he is adorable, and not to mention that his voice has sass Gee should be #1, looks like this site got hit by 30 Seconds to Mars & Tokio Hotel fangirls -__-

Gee's voice is AMAZING! His voice soothes me, and inspires me! The way that he pronounces words while singing sometimes is just so different form what you would expect normally! His voice can be so soft and meaningful, and then blast with full force and passion! Gee's voice is very different and unique from others, it's just so different from his speaking voice, too!

Gerard deserves to be in the top ten, instead of down here at 36. He has a incredible, unique voice. I could recognize it almost anywhere, and it's one of the many reasons that My Chemical Romance is my favorite band.

Come on. Admit it. His voice is unique in its own beautiful way. Seriously, it is distinct. I can recognize it anywhere, anytime. His voice stands out from the crowd. That's what 'unique' is supposed to be about.

Voice is amazing. So distinctive and as a huge a rabid fan of My Chemical Romance I have to say that being at 35(!? ) is absolutely ridiculous. His voice is so easily recognized loved by all fans. =D x

He's voice is so unique and that's why I voted him. His voice is kinda throaty but in a good way and he can also touch very high notes. I love my chemical romance and I enjoy their punk-emo-rock style

To me, I always recognize music by the singer's voice. Any time I hear an My Chemical Romance song, I can tell who it is immediately when I hear gerard's signature jersey twang. Not to mention the dramatic way he annuciates, or how dark and edgy it can sound one minute, and then how light and happy it can sound the next.
This dude is a talent and a hero, and he should definitely at least be in the top ten.

How is Gerard not in the top 20 at least? He is an amazing singer and his voice has touched so many hearts. My Chemical Romance are one one of my favourite bands and even though they split, they will always be my favourite. Gerard way is amazing.

WOAH WOAH WOAH. Gerard has THE MOST UNIQUE voice out of all these people. People are only voting for people who they like, not unique voices. Gerard has my vote on both. He is extremely talented and unique. I aspire to be like him one day.

Gerard is in the 70s? His voice is the most unique I've ever heard. This is more a popularity poll more than for different voices. Half the people I've recognized on here sound like every other person. It's a shame.

His voice is just one of the most unique voices I have heard. You can always pick the My Chemical Romance from the radio with great ease from Gerard's voice. I love his voice. My Chemical Romance IS THE BEST BAND EVER

What the hell?! Why is Gee #46? That's an insult! My Chemical Romance is-or was- an amazing band! Without Gee and his amazing vocals, it just wouldn't be the same. He should be much higher up the list

Gerard Way has the most beautiful and distinctive voice I've ever heard. I could recognise it anywhere! And seriously, why is he only at 35?!?! I think he should be number one.

In the world.

Gerard Way's voice is instantly recognizable, whether it's in the early days of My Chemical Romance, the "danger days" era, or his solo career. He should definitely be higher on thus list

His voice is so recognizable. He always have fun songs, but sometimes can be dark, but he is awesome!

If I could choose to sing like any artist, it would definitely be Gerard Way. The guy has raw talent, and his voice has such a nice tone to it. Truly jealous of this guy, he is amazing.

Gerard way has one of the most amazing voices in the world. He has the kind of voice that makes big time singers wish that they had just a little bit of his gift.

He is the sass queen and an amazing vocalist GO TO HELL, YOU TALENTLESS MONSTROSITIES! (Justin Beiber and those other brats laugh out loud)

How can you NOT have Gee at the TOP! Too amazing for words. Literally. You could pick this voice out of a crowd of 1 million! Come On PEOPLE!