Layne Staley


Very recognizable vocalist. You couldn't resist turning up the radio even if you tried. Just the urgency combined with the raw emotions in his voice alone made you stop and listen to what he was singing. He gave everything his all in his performances. R.I.P. layne Thomas Staley, from my side of Washington to yours.

Layne came on the scene crafting dense, moody alternative metal fueled by sinisterly nasal vocals and mesmerizing harmonies. In my opinion, Staley was the groups centerpiece & nothing could be more evident than w/the vocals on the LIVE album of LOVE, HATE, LOVE, & his vocals in Stay Away! He gives me, what I like to call "soul goose bumps" every time I hear his voice, but in those 2 songs, no one could ever compete!

Layne is the best, he has a voice which fulfill my soul, pure emotion that will never be forgotten. He has a distinct and unimaginable beauty.

Layne, we love you and I know your talent will never be unnoticed, you are the best, despite of it all, rest in peace sweet angel.

Layne Staley had one of the greatest voices in music. It is a shame that he is not as well known as other singers, because his voice had so much passion and soul. When he got up to that microphone NO ONE could touch him. My favorite singer and my greatest inspiration will always be Layne Staley. RIP Layne

Layne has the most unique, and beautiful voice of anyone! His singing style has been copied by so many bands now. When you hear Layne you know it, he is so recognizable. Layne's voice is the only one I could never get tired of listening to. He was the greatest talent, and greatest loss in music history...

There is only one Layne Staley. - callousheart

There's a reason why there are copycats of Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder who sounds kind alike to them but even though many bands are rip-offs of AIC there is no one who's even sounds slightly alike Layne even though they are trying very hard. Layne's voice is without a doubt the most unique I've ever heard.

I like Sarah Brightman, but this site is so incredibly biased towards her. What is the deal? Her voice is not that "unique. " Staley is recognized instantly. - asphaltpilot

I've never even heard of most of the people on this list, all I know is that Layne Staley has the greatest voice I've ever heard and no one can possibly re create it, that is unique so he should be 1

NO ONE, sounds like him, and unlike half the other vocalists on this list, he can ACTUALLY sing (sorry kurt cobain didn't sing that good and serj tankian is lame) - dominicannese

Layne was the most amazing singer. He was a true natural talent. His voice was so unique. It touched your soul when he sang. Truly missed!

He's singing voice was definitely unique I would know that singing voice if it was standing before me today. One day soon I hope to see his beautiful blue eyes again.

Layne no way deserves to be at 24. He's far far better than some of the names who's above him. He was one the voices in grunge who was unlike others. He had a great range, had power and tremendous emotions in his voice. Should be more higher. You'll never be forgotten Layne! RIP. - soumyanildas

Total feel you on how he's so underrated as a vocalist & is never placed where he should be on these count down by far the most unique voice

Definitely number one. Vocal ranges were absolutely brilliant! Layne Staley is by far my favorite singer of all time. Such a shame he passed...

He was simply awesome. His voice is the best I've ever heard. I always Had Nirvana as my favorite band but I can't disagree that layne had a better voice than Kurt did.

Layne has the "voice of an angry angel" - Intermission

Layne had a very unique singing voice, the best in my opinion. It as unique as Ozzy Osbourne, but sounds more technically advanced.

The thing about Layne was how we used to sing deep and depressing songs with utmost passion... His voice is very unique and he also possesses a very wide vocal range... For eg Man In the Box... He keeps on changing the pitch and the tonality of his voice... Not something which a majority of the vocalist here would be able to do...

He was the voice that saved my life. No one can copy or compete with him. I love you Layne... Thank you for giving your talent to us nobodies.

If my life were made into a movie, with a voice over... I would wish Layne's voice to provide that sound. He spoke/sang to my mind, heart, & soul.

Layne's voice is by far the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. It is like no others. He is gone, but his voice will remain forever!

The best singer for grunge. No one in this world actually hates him sing. The world is still crying for him all hail king layne

Gets my vote for most unique b/c no other voice has captured my complete attention for so long, and spoke so clearly to my soul

I've never heard anyone who could top Layne Staley's voice. He deserves to be on the top spot not the 18th!

There are no words that can explain this mans vocal talents.. Just listen and prepare to be rocked!