Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson is the bomb! There is no other person on this planet that has a voice as unique and as be-E-A-utiful as his. Come on people! Vote for MICHAEL! There will NEVER EVER be anyone as TALENTED and AMAZING and as BEAUTIFUL and CHARMING and SWEET and COMPASSIONATE and DEDICATED as MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON! And he is AWESOMELY AWESOME! I LOVE YOU MICHAEL!

Michael had the most recognizable voice in the world. As a child, a teenager, a young man and as a grown man. His voice was as unique and his dancing. He had millions of fans all over the planet.

Yes Michael's voice was so unique... He had a gift from God and his voice was so angelic at times, truly amazing combined with the words he wrote... Really unbelievable that one man could write so many awesome songs and have so many fans. - love4mjj

The voice having not only an "IMPOSSIBLE" range but also some "STYLE" from the falsetto "hee hee", the modification of come on to "shamone" and the screams which gets you off your seat... ughh no point for asking even, he is the best... however I couldn't deny the fact that it brought me to a very long "laughing state" when I saw a "mongol" name at the top, I don't even know that guy... Michael Jackson no need for comparison.. He has the purest, most consoling yet so high and strong voice... He got the undeniable signature, Whenever you hear his voice, even if he is in disguise you'll recognize him. - graciadolinobv

I LOVE who Michael was. Would that we could all express ourselves so purely and dream so strongly for a better world. People who don't understand how his one-of-a-kind upbringing in the spotlight under Joseph's tough hand contributed to his idealisms and arrested development focus on his eccentric personal life. However, NO ONE can deny the EXTREME TALENT that was rightfully his!

Michael's voice is so unique. There is no one who can sing songs with the depth that he has and the beautiful emotion he has when he sings. His voice carries in so many different directions. Definitely the most unique. - love4mjj

I don't think there is even a need to describe how his voice is unique. I have never heard such unique tones from a single person. He was capable of singing any kind of songs. I really miss him.

That is why he is The King Of Pop... His Music will live forever... Great legend with unique voice and talents.. There will be only one Michael Jackson.. We seems to lucky that we lived at his time...

Michael had a unique voice that could be sweet and tender, powerful and resonant. He had a wide three-octave diapason, and a voice so flexible that he could render any emotional nuance through his songs. - whateverhappens

I may not be much of a fan of michael jackson. But yeah haven't heard anyone like him. I am a metal lover but when I hear his songs I know its him because of the unique and awesome voice.

Michael's voice is so unique, he is one of a kind. His voice is so heavenly, so his songs are amazing. His musical talent can never ever be copied by anyone, it's too perfect. He'll forever have my heart xx - dirtyxdiana

Michael had an androgynous quality to his voice that made him sound otherworldy, spiriting away your senses to a plane where magic exists. His voice resonated a sweet innocence that gently flits against your skin like feathers. But it also carried an edge of ferocity and power, uniting a sensual warmth with bright purity. Michael's voice was not only unique, but something we will never hear the likes of again.

MJ's voice is unique. He is not only an amazing singer but a dancer also. His voice covers a wide range. His music always sends a message. No one will ever equal his talent.

you can recognize his voice no matter what, it`s warm and strong, happy and sad, it`s an angel`s voice in a man`s body. that`s why his voice in so unique. bless you angel! - raluca

Can we seriously get all these kpop fans out of here? I have heard yesung sing and he has nothing on Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is KING. His voice is recognizable from anyone. His singing and dancing is phenomenal.

Really who the hell is YESUNG MJ is the only king! - landontimmerman

I like Michael Jackson's voice. He produced amazing music!
It would be good if he was alive.. Thanks for providing such amazing music to us - gautamhans1

I don't really like Michael Jackson (sorry), but he clearly has the most unique singing voice I've ever heard. That's what this list is about, not your favorite singer.

His voice makes me Speechless! It's so unique.I like how suit it with his emotions and that is very recognizable in every song. He was the auto tune itself even before it was even invented.

Michael Jackson is awesome.
He is the best singer of all time.
His voice was the most unique. Even people who aren't his fans recognize it.
He's just that good.

He has the most unique voice because if we listen to the song "WE ARE THE WORLD"
M. J. Has the most Innocent & most cute voice


Michael's voice is so classic, natural, unique. No one can have that such unique gifted voice. Even non fans know his music, voice and know his intitial by his voice. He brings pop music to a higher level. His music is the best. Beat it! Beat it! King of pop.

I love Michael more than words could ever say.
His voice is so know around this world.. Like from his first line everbody actually knows itĀ's him. Even people who donĀ't like his music recognise him immediatly.
So yeah, he has the most unique singing voice.
Plus he was able to sing so very high, with so much strength- havenĀ't heard that with any other man.
And he could also sing very deep- his singing skills are just amazing.

He has an amazing voice that is one in that can't be copied. It is truly a lovely voice and it is one that you enjoy hearing. Also if you or anyone else hear michaels voice, you know that it is his voice, it is unmistakeable

Look, michael jackson is an amazing singer. With a unique voice, just not the most unique. The most unique voice definitely would have to go to rhydian, and that's that. Just get over it