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They are cute and they are not useless

Hard to tame and they are annoying. I mostly just kill them. Also make an annoying sound.

Put a half slab on top of your chest

Ocelots are mobs. MOBS.

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142Non-Enchanted Golden AppleV4 Comments

Cobblestone is ghast-resistant. You'll need it when you want to survive the nether to get some potions.

EXTREMLY useless I mean why waste your pickaxe on it just mine iron USELESS to me

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144Armor Stand

It doesn't waste your space on your inventory/chest.

Ok maybe you can put your armor on it but what else can you do with it

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This only has the blast resistance of stone, and a waste of three quartz. :/



Basically wasteful, like Granite.

147AndesiteV1 Comment
148Golden Carrots

They can be used to make night vision potion

They are bassicly the same as golden apples but they are harder to get

149Wet Sponge
150Golden Hoe

Waste to gold two ingots
Break so fast
Same speed as other hoes
Golden Hoe is so USELESS!

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151Steve Head

Seriously why would people want Steve's just hanging in there house like it would sort be creepy and you can't use it to build so why is it there I mean maybe don't agree but my opinion

They are unobtainable and useless, stupid and short!

It's your achievement of killing a person.

There useful If You Have A Skin

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152Wooden Axe

Well personally, I think all wooden stuff is pretty horrible. Then again, it is your only choice. But I think the wooden axe is the worst of them, for one, you can only cut pretty much one tree down, (or possibly more) Then it breaks. THEN using the wood you cut, you waste it on more axes. I serously prefer breakinh ny hade useing a bare fist.

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153Block of Coal

I've had it fill my inventory on a mining trip. So I put my workbench and stack it up. Not really useless, used in furnaces as well, nice decor block.

To stack Coal. It's better to have one stack of coal blocks then 9 stacks of coal

I mean you only need 9 coal to craft it and that ore is easy to find and what's the use of the block


Clownfish are terrible! There is a 2% chance of catching on and the only uses for them are they restore half a hunger bar most foods do 2 or 3 and they can tames ocelots which any fish can do that is all which means they sucks

These don't do ANYTHING at all. There just THERE.

By the way they can not tame ocelots on pe,and they have no saturation and give half a hunger bat so therefore they are useless!

Can't even cook them

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155VillagersV1 Comment

I mean you could make stews with it but ingredients are hard to find. (For me) Why waste the wood when u can cook food and build shelter? Totally useless.

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The only thing you can do with them is to make a book and quill, which people only use to privately communicate on creative plot servers. You can also make bookshelves which are only useful for decoration.

Um, you can make an enchantment table.

158Block of Diamond

If you had a lot of diamonds it will help with storage

159Redstone Lamp

It's nice for decoration and you can just put redstone torch or block above it to light it up or wire it to make whole room (or possibly whole house) light up and go out in simple press of a lever

It was so useless because it requires lever or button to turn it on.

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160Rabbit's Foot

In pocket edition it has no use, and you can only get it in survival.

You can make a potion of jumping.

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