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161Gold Ingot

Sure, it makes gold blocks perfect for decor but it's the second weakest armor material in the game and the weakest material for building tools in the game, here is the list from most durable to least durable:
Diamond tools: 1562 uses
Iron tools: 251 uses
Stone tools: 132 uses
Wood tools: 60 uses
Gold tools: 33 Uses

Gold Tools actually have a greater chance of getting a good enchantment.

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You only can craft cake and pumpkin cake and you can't eat or cook them
Its is so stupid

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How is this useless? What's the first thing in mine craft you have to get?

Imagine if there's no wood in survival mode...

What do you do?

Wood is useless.
-You can't use it for anything. Crafting, Building.
-It looks gross
-Its unbreakable

You need it for tools, torches, armor stands, banners, shields, crafting tables, planks, and a few I'm forgetting. - Goatworlds

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They are useful for certain things.

This is basically a troll.

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165Butter SwordV2 Comments
166Budder Chestplate

Does not exist please go back to youtube

167Nether Star

All you use it for is beacons, even with a beacon, it takes so much gold, iron, and diamonds just to get a good effect

You can have a beacon, or just an epic trophy in an item frame.

Dude, you can make a beacon out of it! Beacons are ' amazing!

Beacons are an amazing block, worth every Wither kill.

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The beacon is extremely hard to obtain. The materials required for this item are very rare and even when constructed, further materials are required to put it to use as a pyramid. The beacon would've been useful if it gave the player a great power or ability, but it currently only gives a relatively small ability in a short radius. Plus, the fact that any given material of metallic blocks can be used for building a beacon pyramid; a cheaper building material such as iron can be used instead of gold or diamond. This makes the rarer materials useless, similar to the diamond hoe problem. The pyramid however does make a light that shines into the sky, which can be useful for navigation or decorative purposes. But otherwise, the beacon although slightly useful, is definitely not worth the time and effort.

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169Diamond Armor

It's extremely durable though. They're not stupid, they're making good long-lasting armor.

Diamond is the only armour with the special "armour hardness" stat.

Really people, in singleplayer, you only need 5 things shelter a pick and mine, and a bed. And possibly wood.
Unless, you go mob fighting, it's a waste of 24 diamonds, you could make 8 diamond picks from that.

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Diamond is the strongest matrial for building amour and wepons what kind of idiot would put this here

Diamond is not useless its the most powerful and rare material in the game you can make blocks armor tools who would put diamonds as useless

How is iron more durable than diamond? And, diamonds can be used for pickaxes that are used for obsidian that is used for the nether and the end and the wither and the dragon. once you have fortune 3 on a diamond pick, you pretty much never run out. think about if Minecraft never had the end, or the nether, or any nether mob, or the ender dragon and the wither, or even just straight up diamonds. Minecraft would be nothing.

It not that useless its 164

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171Budder Armor

This does not exist, please ignore this post.

What's the point of this? P.S. Did sky write this page? Why does he call gold budder?!

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172Ender Pearls

WHY IS THIS HERE!? Ender pearls are ' awesome!

Awesome for getting places faster

When you use an ender pearl you take fall damage and that just sucks

Faction Raiders are annoying, really.

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