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Magikarp is powerful. It took out several legendary pokemon with flail.
My friend has a party in his game of JUST level 100 Magikarp... And he beat the Elite 4 with them. Laugh out loud
How can someone have a party of 6 Magikarp? I was battling a fisherman with 6 Magikarp in Pokémon Diamond and it was really boring... Just try to splash all the way to level 20.


[Newest]Awesome when he evolves...

When I put it in the daycare it got to like level 100 and it didn't evolve. I wanted to kill myself until I figured out they couldn't evolve there...
Only thing a wild metapod do is harden, if you want a Metapod evolve it from a caterpie at less it get a attack ability, wild metapod does not... -_-
Don't catch a wild Metapod. All it does is only to harden over and over.


[Newest]Yeah, Kakuna is better, since he can evolve into Beedrill.


I catch one of these jerks, at first I was like, "*gasps* An Unown, this is awesome, I remember in the movie they are so powerful in the movie, they could turn th wishes os a Little girl true! X3" I was really excited until...some time latter, "ARG! Why the only thing you can do is Hidden Power?! This is the last time I pay so attention to one of the pokemon movies! "

I can't use that guy to fight at all, he is slow, he only do one attack and it not exactly powerful, seriously sometimes I regret the day I catch it...-_-
Assuming Hidden Power is a Normal type attack, Unown has crappy stats and only one move that doesn't get STAB if once again, Hidden Power is assumed to be Normal type. Also note that his Hidden Power lowers his IVs, and it only gets a maximum power of 70. Compare that to stuff like Psystrike coming of 154 Special Attack and STAB. This guy is of no help without Baton Pass.
They have NO attack they just float. Plus they are just letters and question marks unown makes metapod look like amaster pokemon

He has an attack that has 1 over 10 chances of HEALING the enemy. That's bad.


Ice shard, hustle is power
Delibird is a legendary

Pokemon pun:don't smoke weedle make you stupid
Awesome spike guy that evolves into beedrill! He should be number 700

Attacks- Harden. Yup, just Harden.


Caught one in the wild all it can do is harden
He's just like metapod should be tied with him
But I guess he evolves into bee drill early

If you catch a low level one, it only knows an attack that doesn't do damage. Other than that, Jigglypuff isn't that useless.


I kick ass with jigglypuff I taught it stronger moves and it's my favourite Pokemon
I don't think jigglypuff is that bad just the fact low speed


Rattata has high speed, but the rest of its stats is very bad. All it does is only to tail whip.


I love this Pokemon the move set is really useful to catching Pokemon. why exactly is this Pokemon on this list?

The Contenders

Audino is NOT useless, if you grind on audino's like me, how are they usless?
I mean come on who doesn't like to see an audino in the wild, you can maybe level up and I don't know about you guys but I like leveling up
Thanks for your EXP Audino! Aaand that's all.

Cleffa is not useles
It's so damn cute and I can just stare at it for hours
... It's not useless okay D:

10 years searching for a deformed Pokemon that should have an awesome evolved form like Magikarp and I get this what a shame.
And to think this was a rare pokemon that was somewhat hard to catch.



With the lowest base stats of all Pokemon, it is utterly useless. It learns a wealth of great moves, though it cannot use any of them, and its evolution isn't much of a step up. At least Magikarp and Metapod have useable evolutions.


Sunkern is bad OK, having 30 overal base stats, but you gotta admire: it can have perfect pokéathlon stats, as one in five, over a total of 493, the others being Mew, Ditto, Arceus and Giratina's Origin Forme. If you want to beat the pokéathlon easily, it's the easiest to get.

Pidgeot is really good. Get your facts right
It can use heat wave and hurricane and also with no guard
Easily the worst bird Pokemon out there

I once set my Charizard down on some rocks. It couldn't get back up.

Many of the Pokémon on this list have a purpose: to evolve into something more powerful. Phione has no reason to exist. It is simply a Manaphy with a worse design and significantly lower stats. And yet it's still banned in the Battle Tower/Subway/Maison. I was hoping maybe I could breed some Phiones to trade over the GTS, but nobody wants just a Phione. Even if you're doing a battle with friends that doesn't restrict your Pokémon, you're never going to want to use Phione when you could just use Manaphy. It'd be like choosing Pichu over Pikachu in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

I know Bidoof evolves into a Pokémon which is very good for being a HM slave, but... Bidoof is weak! Its very easy to beat.


The only reason this pokemon was made it's to make him learn HM to pass the game.
It is slow, puny, and fragile in little cup. If its defense is not high enough, Guts Rattata can Toxic Orb Facade this plump mouse with little effort. It has Stealth Rock, a huge plus for him, but with Moody banned in Little Cup and its frailty, none of its allowed abilities can be used effectively. This is what we call a Gimmickmon.

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