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Can use rapid spin and get hazards away

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43GeodudeV2 Comments

The meowth in tam rocket is so useless that cannot do anything but talking. - flowergou

45MewMew is one of the fictional species of creatures from Nintendo's and Game Freak's Pokémon media franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri.

It's said to be kinda like ditto it knows every possible move and it can transform. I know! I might be wrong but am not a pro at Pokemon!

Just a Pokemon to teach HM Moves, Useless, A blob of pink fur, does not look good. In short I hate it!

So r u saying that a kitten extremely similar to mewtwo is nothing?

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Whatever idiot put this Pokémon on the list should war the world championship final 2014

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Hypno is a beast. Especially in gen 3 and down, he is a psychic Pokemon with a high sp definitely and a good movepool. Calm mind + Hypnosis + Dream eater + Dream eater. Your at full health and your opponents Pokemon is dead. Sure other Pokemon can learn these moves but probably wont live long enough to use them.

49GlalieV1 Comment
50SlakingV2 Comments

It's a Pokemon that is ice cream then it evolves into an ice cream cone. How stupid are they?

There funny looking... That's valid right?


Why? Because it's utterly useless in every way shape or form.

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In GoldSilver when I saw this I was like "It's so cute"
So I caught it but I hated it so much because of it's stats


I love it. Has a good defense stat and only one weakness - Doggus

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So useless,her signature move lunar dance is useless she kills herself just to fully heal one of your teammates.And let's not forget mystery dungeons every time in dark crater so annoying! On the upside at least the shiny is cool


Horrendous stats, second worst stat total of any Pokemon, but still cute - Goatworlds

59Mr. Mime

People say Mr.mime might me a Mrs.mime because she is pink and cute (not very cute when she jumps on your window in the middle of the night and says let me in I have cookies >=D

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How is this pokemon even considered legendary

Hp high and all, but its almost as useless as sunkern.

Smeargle is easily more useful than Arceus, considering it has the widest movepool ever.
While Arceus doesn't have the best stats, it still has a high best of 720, with 120 on each stat, making it quite a mixed attacker type of Pokemon. And not to mention that Arceus is also really versatile with its ability.
Sunkern has a wide range of moves in its learnset, including Giga Drain and Sludge Bomb. For the sake of argument, not considering best and Abilities, yeah it's kinda useless.

SUCKS... introducing the most powerful legendary:

Arceus is a joke.

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