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Better than flying, because it takes less time and if you want to be in the air why not just teleport there? Immortality isn't that great if you live suffering all your life and watch your loved ones die. Oh and if you have super speed you should be able to run through water. Also, if you always predict the future you would never get surprised and if you know if something bad is going to happen at a place you need to go everyday then you will be scared to go there forever.

How is this so low. Especially versus flight and super speed, which is rendered irrelevant when I teleport there faster.

Teleportation is also cool but I don't find it very useful at most of the time

You can go anywhere you want leaving the world at your finger tips.

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Imagine flying it would be amazing to go and do whatever you want. Nothing beats this.

Just fly over the cloud and you'll be safe from any lightning

I want to fly. I belive I can fly. I belive I can touch the sky...

Love it. I dream about flying sometimes. My best dreams are flying.

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YOU will never die and I mean never in your whole life and you might even be a famous god that will be remembered all over the world and if you get killed you will become alive once again

Yes, it is a fun superpower but you will be around even after the universe has ended. You will be all by yourself; forever. - luisprado

You don't wanna be immortal. Trust me, you WILL get bored of life and want to die, but won't be able. You'll be forced to live, sounds like he'll to me.

Dying is not the problem. The people around you that dies isn't sad part. You will be alone forever. Bad idea

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4Super Speed

Your Internal organs and brain wouldn't be destroyed if your body's genetic make up was enhanced for super speed. Look up almost any super speedster and it will say something about how their body is acclimated for moving at these high speeds. Plus, there are like infinitely many things that you can do with it. Super Speed is awesome.

Running at intense speeds. You'll be able to speed up the process of anything, be able to dodge and attack quickly which means you wouldn't be able to get hurt unless your not prepared.

I have always dreamed of having loads of powers and among them was speed. See what I mean? You can dodge bullets very easily and your punches and kicks can be swift. Like the Flash

Destroy all your internal organs, huh? That's sounds extremely painful. ITS CALLED INERTIA AND ITS CALLED BRAIN SMASHED INTO THE SKULL! CONCUSSION! See my point? - AbduZine

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5Super Strength

You could lift a truck a building just imagine the possibilities you could do with this awesome superpower this should be number 1

You could lift an entire building, no sweat! Super strength rules!

I have already got that. Everybody I arm wrestle I beat. And I'm Abbie (a girl) si Yeh!

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6Predicting the Future

I would have super strength and teleportation

7Mind Control

If this were real, geniuses and hypnotists would be able to go to a whole new level. I am, in fact, writing a book that has a lot to do with this. But, logically, if it were real then if it fell into the wrong hands then only the most willed people wouldn't be dopey and weird. Just my theory on how it would be seriously. (If you are wondering why I put hypnotist on the list, it would help with things that you can get addicted to, E.G. smoking.)

The Mind Control that will allow you to perform jedi mind tricks. This power would be great in the corporate world, and straighten some injustices along the way! Also if you are a parent, ADD and like disorders would be more tolerable (brush your teeth)!

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The ability to control all matter that is possibly existent. Imagine, with me for a moment, the immense, unstoppable power and knowledge you could gain with just manipulation of the most basic and fundamental elements of creation! You, with knowledge that comes with this power, could feasibly acquire every other power on this semi-expansive, and ultimately, supremely thought-provoking internet poll, take, for example, super speed, not easy to replicate, but, very useful. You could just, as one example, encase yourself in metal of strongest make, and hurl yourself faster that any known object, except, those replicated in the massive Hadron Hollider! Ponder my words, my friends, and realize that Telekinesis, the control of matter, is ultimately the best power to have.

If you really think about it telekinesis would considered to be one of the most destrutive superpower you could have. Let say if you are somewhere surronded by people and your nemisis isin the same room with you, you could inflect pain upon your nemisis by using your power and move things around. You could move and item towards that person and he/she can trip or you cold make something fall on top of them. And the best part is that no one can see you doing it. If you we're among for the kill you can just move an random object and keep hitting the person until they die. Also it is also good for stealing things. You can just move the things towards you and than you can claim that item as yours. It also good for defense too. You can just move and object around you quickly so that no one can come through you. It also save you from doing the bloody job. Like if you want to cut a carrot but you are afriad to risk your hand. There many stuff you can do with telekinesis including contring ...more

I love this power because of Kenshi from the Mortal Kombat game.

It is basically the force

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9Shape Shifting

I'm talking about the ability to change yourself, or anything else, into whatever you want. If you had this ability you could probably change yourself so that you would have a different (and maybe better) power. And if you were good enough you could probably shape shift the air into whatever you may need at the time. It has a lot of uses

Shape shifting would be an amazing ability. imagine coming up with anything in your mind within reason and understanding and becoming it. It means you can have every power imaginable and the ability to change your form at will. This is my favorite power.

You could disguise yourself into whatever you want so nobody would recognise you. Turn into a potted plant, a statue, someone else, whatever! No one would suspect a thing.

If you turned into different animals, you could pretty much have any other superpower on this list.

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10Time Manipulation

Is the most powerful you can your self any other super powers as well

Unlimited time for work, you can do anything that you want.

It's the best super power that someone could have!

You could make people cease to exist

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Do what ever you want with out people seeing you

At least get this thing to the top 5

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12Appendage Generation
13Laser Eyes
14Super Healing

Imagine being able to be ripped to pieces,then after a few seconds your back to normal

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15Super IntelligenceV1 Comment
16Shrinking Ability

It's always been my dream... It would be awesome to see the world from a small small point of view... Imagine the possibilities, you could sneak into places like a concert, or become an awesome spy that no one will see coming because your so small... And it's better than invisibility because you can do more than just hide but also change your size!

A smaller you means a bigger world that's ripe for exploration.

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17X-ray Vision

This would be good if you could choose to off/on it, unless you wouldn't mind looking at somebody you wouldn't want to see without their clothes - zKyuda

I have wanted x-ray vision all my life. Just think about all the things that you could do. It would be awesome. Just think. And I don't mean just looking at people's bones. I mean metal, walls, clothes, everything!

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19Turn into Any Animal
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