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1The Tailor Shop On Enbizaka

Best Mothy song with the most wonderful melody - shazimi

A personal favourite! It's a mix of the two things I like most in vocaloid music which is Yandere and Mothy

This song reminds me about horror, and without knowing the lyrics, you can listen it as a normal song.

After understanding it and watch its MV, you will understand what is ''jealous'' and how horrible is it.

2Servant of Evil

I listen to this countless times but I didn't even have any tears coming down. Regardless of this, THIS IS THE BEST SONG EVER!

Listened to it a million times. I've cried every time. I'll cry just thinking about it. BEST EVER.

This song is absolutely the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

My second fave tied with Judgment of Corruption

3Daughter of EvilV1 Comment
4The Madness of Duke Venomania

I do not know if it deserves 3rd spot. I am kind of disturbed with this song, but hey, this is my opinion... - Nintendogirl

No, I love how gakupo sings here, also at the end... it's a bit sad y'know...

5Judgement of Corruption

I love servant of evil but this one is the best in my opinion

My second fave tied with Servant of Evil

Love love love this song SO MUCH!

Love this song SO MUCH!

6Regret Message
7Re Birthday

Another one of my favourites! Another sad one by the magnificent song writer but not as bad as Servant of Evil

8Evil Food Eater Conchita

This one describes me so much

9Daughter of White

My 2nd favorite mothy song. My god, it is so heart breaking I LOVE this song! But my personal favorite is judgement of corruption

10The Fifth Pierrot

I expected this to be a bit higher on the list. It's absolutely amazing!

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11The Last Revolver

Definitely one of the absolute bests I've ever heard. The story behind it is beautiful, and I feel like I can almost kind of relate.

V1 Comment
12Twiright Prank
13A Tale of Moonlit Abandonment
14South North Story
15Escape of Salmhopfer the Witch
16Capriccio Farce

One of my favorite clockwork lullaby songs.

17Black Cats of the Eve

The song is fun, but the story is creepy and awesome. I like it!

18Spring Powered Lullabye
19Seven Crimes and Punishments

My absolute favorite clockwork lullaby song.

20Red Shoe Parade
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1. Servant of Evil
2. Daughter of Evil
3. The Madness of Duke Venomania



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