Best Movie Characters of 2013

The favorite movie characters we've seen this year that we simply just love watching.

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1Logan/Wolverine (The Wolverine)

The Wolverine is at his best in the movie, thanks to a phenomenal performance by Hugh Jackman who brings the rage and intensity to the character while still staying grounded. An absolute joy watching him on screen.

2Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby)

Phenomenal performance by DiCaprio. A truly marvelous movie. One of my all-time favorites now, can watch it again and again. So much to enjoy in The Great Gatsby. Love everything about this film.

3Alien (Spring Breakers)
4Colonel Stars and Stripes (Kick-Ass 2)

A badass character performed awesomely by Jim Carrey.

5Kal-El / Clark Kent / Superman (Man of Steel)

Best superman movie ever and probably one of the best superhero movie - Ajkloth

6Gerry Lane (World War Z)

A great character to get behind of and root for in this amazing movie. Brad Pitt gives an engaging and strong performance and it's an absolute blast watching his journey. Terrific action and full of tension. Love this movie!

7Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire)

The Hunger Games is not only action is drama/action The Hunger Games:Catching Fire
Is 5 million peoples watch it I'd watch it you too watch it The best movie
Cast : Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss - onlyway

8Detective David Loki (Prisoners)

A brilliant character performed impeccably by Gyllenhaal in this gritty masterpiece.

9Max Da Costa (Elysium)

Matt Damon fits perfectly in the role and gives an excellent performance in this intense sci-fi masterpiece.

10Kruger (Elysium)

A great villainous character who gets its shine from the brilliant performance by Copley. Best sci-fi movie in a long time.

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11Faora (Man of Steel)Faora is the name of several female super-villains in DC Comics Superman titles. All of them have some connection to Superman's home planet of Krypton.
12Tony Stark (Iron Man 3)
13Trevor Slattery (Iron Man 3)
14Gary King (The World's End)
15Hit Girl (Kick Ass 2)
16Raleigh Becket (Pacific Rim)
17Andy Knightley (The World's End)

Nick Frost playing against type; He's the straight one this time around as opposed to the funny one, who in this movie is Simon Pegg's Gary King.

18Ryan Stone (Gravity)
19Riddick (Riddick)
20Jack Harper (Oblivion)
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