Greatest Movie Couples Of All Time

These are the couples that could just make you feel the love and romance right off the movie/tv screen and you felt as if you were the one being loved.... Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Fox Mulder & Dana Scully
This is too awesome to see all these lists having the favorites being either Scully & Mulder and/or Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny... so different to see. *High fives* to all of you! =]

((X-Files without a doubt thee bestest show ever and always will be))

I don't know how Mulder and Scully manage to tie the audience with their setting positions, but they rock in every single second of X-files



Mulder and Scully are the cutest couple and because they been through tough time together they show there love with trust and they have a strong chemistry between each other.
[Newest]They are the best couple, because they do great job both together in The X Files till to the end of 8th season..

2Jack Dawson & Rose Bukater
Definitely #1. The most astounding, passionate, romantic lovers in the most amazing way full of life through all the thick-and-thins, up-and-downs still together. The flame of love they've ignited will remain forever...
How did this not win? I fell in love with them together and they had such great chemistry. In my book they win hands down.
So beautiful together. The acting was superb and man did they look good together. THE CHEMISTY MY GOD! just amazing


[Newest]"He saved me, in every a person can be saved" - Rose DeWitt Bukater.

3Han Solo & Princess Leia
The best thing about Empire Strikes back (or should I saw, one of the best) is the sexual tension between Han and Leia.
"I love you!"
"I know."
Two sexy, dynamic characters who lived a romance that was so good that even though they were not even THE central characters in this terrific saga (it's really about Luke and Vader of course), their love story will always be among the most memorable storylines of STAR WARS. The carbonite scene is one of the most romantic scenes ever in film history,
Everything for Star Wars) This pair is great! )


[Newest]I love the relationship so much... Just as much as Star Wars itself... Even though Leia stole the most handsome smuggler in the world!

4Noah Calhoun & Allie Hamilton
The Notebook is one of the most romantic movies I have ever seen. It brings warmth to your heart when you think of the struggle Noah and Allie go through and end up together at the end. Although I love Twilight, I believe Noah and Allie's love story is more relatable. Also, I am not a "hormonal pre-pubescent teenage girl"
I think they are the best couple for ever!
Their love is a beautiful story about life. We see the problems, which often complicates our lives. Rachel and Ryan played this role very convincingly. I absolutely believe in their love.
This should be number #1. I really fall in love in Noah and I just hope that I could be his Allie. Perfect couple! I wish to have love like Allie and Noah's.
[Newest]Best movie ever! I hope my hubby will love me that much when I'm lost... Love you Tony, Hope it doesn't happen for a very long time... ❤

5Rhett Butler & Scarlett O'Hara
They are both so selfish and self-absorbed that it just makes perfect sense for them to be together. The ending of that relationship is also great.
Possibly the best and most famous screen couple of all time! So realistic and believable
The ultimate movie couple. So strong willed both of them. This was my grandparent's favorite movie and they had a very strong marriage.
[Newest]I like both of them especially rhett

6Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger
This couple was awesome. Loved the harry potter series and loved this couple so much. I really don't get how Edward and bella got higher than them. They're much better.
The best couple ever! They are just so perfect for each other, and so cute. I LOVE THEM! I can't wait for the kiss in the new movie!
all time favourite couple :) they just perfect for each other! like two halfs of a whole
[Newest]There an fine couple. but the twilight and divergent couples were better!

7Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann
Yeah she kicks butt and so does he. Partners in crime and best friends, just like a good couple should be! I liked the equality between them and the respect... She was a rich girl but had some real drive and power about her, and class! I think their loyalty was beautiful. She wasn't a pathetic, whinging girl like Allie with Noah... She was a real strong lady who stayed by Will, even when he left for sea. I cried in the second & third movie.. Aww
This couple makes me feel so strong for them! Every time I think about them I want to cry because of all the cruelty and the unfairness they got. They are so beautiful together and have such a chemistry. They fought so hard protecting each other. All they wanted - to be together. Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly created the wonderful characters! I hate the ending in AWE! Disney, bring them back and set the things right!
I watched Pirate Of Caribbean because of them. Hahaha. When it turned into Pirate of Caribbean: On Stranger Tide, I didn't watch. Because there are no more Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann
[Newest]Definition of star crossed lovers

8Rocky & Adrian Balboa
oh yes the BEST movies in the WORLD
I literally just died when he said, "I wanna kiss you. Your so beautiful." OH MY GOD SO CUTE! X3


Yo Adrian! Laugh out loud

9Danny Zuko & Sandy Olsson
From..."Grease" and you can't help but be electrified by this couple...
I love them both, the different attitudes during most of the movie just come together so perfectly.
"Tell me about it stud"

10Aragorn & Arwen
Such good chemistry in the book and even better in the movie. These 2 are MADE for each other. They look so cute together and have such awesome chemistry. The BEST movie couple.
COME ON! A robot animated couple before these 2? You gotta be kidding me! These two are easily the greatest movie couple of all time. They are just awesome!
Whether it's in book or on screen these two have got to be the best couple I know of. Their love suffers through a lot and throughout it all holds such depth. Just.. A beautifully portrayed expression of love.

The Contenders

11The Phantom & Christine
The phantom's love and devotion to Christine is beautiful. The movie and the musical leaves you at the end feeling very sad for Erik.
Their love was like for Christine, fatherly like but for the phantom passionite...
No other movie couple can beat this. Christine and the Phantom are such a darkly beautiful union.


[Newest]His name was Eric, he was named after the priest who was present at his birth

12Antonio Banderas and Cathering Zeta Jones in Zorro

13Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala
Just look at what he did for her haha, although he was a bit of a noob and should of really just been there for her instead of being Palpatines little bitch :D, maybe that way he would not have got so Burned in both ways
Yes he was deceived by Darth Sidious, but he turned to the Dark Side in an effort to save her! Their romance in Episode II almost makes it my favorite of the six. I just find them so cute.
In Attack of the Clones and the beginning and middle of Revenge of the Sith that is.

14Peter Parker & Mary Jane Watson
Made for each other. True Love.


They are the best couple ever they look sooo cute together

15Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy
Pride and Prejudice is the ultimate romantic story, the BBC version had the best Lizzy and Darcy ever! The humility that Darcy showed after his rejection made my heart palpitate. His love for Lizzy broke down his pride and in turn overcame her prejudice of him. He made sacrifices for Lizzy without expecting anything in return but knowing that she will be spared pain and embarrassment. Their first kiss always made me grin from eye to eye.
What can be greater than love making you want to be a better man... Darcy is the ultimate selfless hero, rescuing his lady without expecting her to know about his good deed. "By you I was properly humbled"... "I cannot fix the hour, or the spot, or the look, or the words, which lay the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun" His speeches are so romantic and the man simply can't keep his eyes off Elizabeth through the entire book...
So adorable. Shows how love can bring you down from societal norm and bring happiness to 2lives.

16Romeo & Juliet
They had the most tragic ending but they are still considered the best movie couple - or one of the best at least.
Your right about Romeo and Juliet.


17Christian & Satine
They may not look like it but they are the perfect couple living in two diffrerent worlds. He is a writer that is inspired by her. And she (let's face the facts) a hooker that is changed converted by him. It was love that struck them. You see all you need is LOVE.
He was broke, she was a sick prostitute. if that ain't love, I don't know what is
Moulin Rouge is my ALL TIME favorite movie, Christian is so romantic and satin is beautiful!


[Newest]Oh my God, they are just so perfect together! They should be on the list.

18Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow
Look at the list here, every one of them are forced love and most of them end with that happily ever after cliche that just shoehorned in there just make two opposit sex characters to do something bland. Bonnie & Clyde however needed each other because the need to survive which forced them to kill and rob banks together. Most of all, these are serial killers that actually made the audience sympathize these two love-birds no matter how many they've killed. This is the best example that evil people are still capable for love and they should have been higher!

19Wall-E and EVE
How can you not love this couple? It is adorable, it is so cute along with them movie. It made me cry a little.
What the hell is Peter and Lois doing on this list? They aren't even good alone.
Amazing movie and Amazing couple. Pixar does it over and over again. They are very suffecient in making movies amazing.

20Belle & The Beast
Belle and the Beast are perfect for each other: the chemistry and tension between them is realistic and fluent. The ultimate fairy tale romance!
It's rare to see romance building up in a disney movie. Most, for example, snow white, gets married after waking up from a kiss. NO CHEMISTRY. Also, it is more solid than TWILIGHT. Without a lot of dialogue, you know their emotion about this relationship. In twilight, what you see is a stupid bitch only wants to be vampire, an dangerous sparkling vampire, self-hurting and ownership. This is not love at all. Additionally, Belle chose the beast rather than Gastoff because of the beast characteristic, not frame and handsomeness. That's is true love people!

21Jean Grey & Scott Summers
Xmen rules! There love is sweet

22Tony Stark & Pepper Potts
AKA Robert Downey Jr & Gwyneth Paltrow.
Ohh yeah I forgot about them but should it be pepper stark because they were married
The banter between Stark and Potts is electrifying.

23Neo & Trinity
Amazing couple. They always risk their lives for each other throught the trilogy. I can't believe that they are only at 25.

24The Robber & Baroness Tesi

25Superman & Lois Lane
Superman and Lois Lane is a different love stories... Not like the others stories, love it very much! Let's make it to the first list!
Come on! 0%? Are you kidding me, it's Superman and Lois Lane... The best couple of all time... Who doesn't watch Superman?
How many couples actually fly?

No contest.

26Edward Cullen & Bella Swan
ACTUALLY, I am addicted to them.. I really love twilight, such a great book.. I read it almost 100 times, but I never get tired and as usual every time I read this I get chill.. Please vote this
This was a tough one between Edawrd and Bella and Jack and Rose. I went with Edward and Bella though because I absolutely love the Twilight books and movies.
I love Twilight so much, I'm a huge fan and I think they really are the best couple as they are together not only on-screen but off-screen too. It's proof, Edward, Bella. Kristen, Robert, they're perfect for each other.
Absolutely no competition.
[Newest]They best like the best couple EVER!

27Harry 'Steve' Morgan & Marie 'Slim' Browning
from the "to have and have not". this movie defined onscreen chemistry!

28Princess Jasmin & Aladdin

29Katniss Everdeen & Peeta Mellark
The interesting angle here is that Katniss is the warrior-like heroine while Peeta is the lover.
Peeta put up with the wrath of his mother just so Katniss could eat.
The "Star-Crossed Lovers from District 12" as potrayed in genuine chemistry form by Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson.

30Snow White and the Prince

31Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley

I loved how JKR got Harry Potter, --the main character of the series--together with a background character, as opposed to the series' heroine (Hermione Granger).
they get married in the last book and ron and hermione also too

They are such a lovely and cute couple they definitaley belong together

32Ennis Del Mar & Jack Twist
Brokeback Mountain is a truly touching story about 2 men who expect to get married, have families, the usual stuff. What neither expected was to fall in love with each other and so begins a 20 years affair, eventually ending in heartbreak and many could have beens and should have beens
A refreshingly different love story, so heartbreaking and so well acted.

33Rick Blaine & Ilsa Lund
From..."Casablanca" and this is an extraordinary romance...

34Troy Bolton & Gabriella Montez
These two are so cute together, and the fact that these two are modern makes it even better

35Rick O'Connell & Evelyn Carnahan
From..."The Mummy Returns" and it was a beautiful and inspiring love that was just ahhhh....

36Sarah Ashley & Drover

37Harvey Dent and Rachel

38Harry Burns & Sally Albright
yes... ofcourse... they are the ones... I really loved them...


I'll have what she's having.


I love the movie when Harry met Sally. I love the chemistry between the two of them. You knew they were both going to end up together as one. Just the bantoring, the wild goose chase of them dating the wrong people. Harry and Sally were meant to be

39Forrest Gump & Jenny Curran
Forrest loved Jenny more than anyone could love anybody.
I love that movie

40Batman & Catwoman

41Bernard and Bianca

42Westley and Buttercup
amazing love story "as you wish" turned into the most romantic line ever after this movie


How on earth is this couple not in the top ten? From 'The Princess Bride'. "As you wish"


Easily the best couple in movie history, they represent true love and how it can overcome all. The girl isn't weak and doesn't have to change herself to be good enough, and the guy isn't a douchbag in any sense of the word. They should easily be in the top ten.
[Newest]What can I say? This is one of my favorite movies of all time and undoubtedly a beautiful story of true love... : )

43Maria & Capt. Von Trapp
There is a everlasting magic between Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer in "The Sound of Music". It's so hard to believe they only played their roles because they really seem to be in love with each other. When they dance the laendler it's like they were floating and the scene in the gazebo is the epitome of romance.
I completely and utterly adore captain Von Trapp and Maria together! Julie's and Christopher Plummer play these roles so brilliantly!


THE most romantic movie of all time!

44Mickey & Minnie Mouse

45Edward Lewis & Vivian Ward
The best and that's it! Pretty Woman rules!

46Bambi and Faline

47Edward Scissorhands and Kim
Nice love this movie to I'm glad that Edward killed kims boyfriend in the end ooops spoiler :]

48Landon Carter & Jamie Sullivan (A Walk To Remember)

49Kermit the Frog & Miss Piggy

50Johnny Castle & Baby Houseman
From..."Dirty Dancing" and if this didn't do any dancing in your heart I don't know what will..
How is it this so low?

51Peter Pan & Wendy Darling
Both of them together makes my heart race... laugh out loud! I know it's weird but it's true. They are the main reason I watch Peter Pan again and again. I even made a review about them for my public speaking competition.
They arn't exactly a couple, but they are amazingly cute & I love the movie!

52Hawkeye & Black Widow

53Captain Jack Sparrow & Angelica
The chemistry between Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz is exactly the same as Robert Downey Jr and Rachael McAdams in the Sherlock Holmes franchise
Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz oozed chemistry and charisma that Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly could only dream of.
The Pirates of the Caribbean equivilant to Sherlock Holmes & Irene Adler

54Pat & Tiffany (Silver Linings Playbook)

55James & Lily Potter
They are such a caring couple

56Alexander and Hephaestion
Can't help but love this pairing completely.

57Holmes & Watson
They are best friends.

58Sherlock Holmes & Irene Adler
The chemistry between Robert Downey Jr and Rachael McAdams is exactly the same as that of Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Downey and Depp are both drunk anti-heroes, McAdams and Cruz are feisty con artists.
Can't believe this hasn't been added yet. They have awesome chemistry especially in the 2009 movie. Robert Downey Jr and Rachel McAdams were awesome together.
Robert Downey Jr shares the same witty chemistry with Rachael McAdams here as he does with Gwyneth Paltrow in the Iron Man films.

59Buzz & Jessie - Toy Story
They are so cute! Their dance in the credits sequence is one or Pixar's best moments and among the best dances ever seen from a film couple... Seriously!

60James Bond & Vesper Lynd
Best of the best! Give them a chance!

61William Wallace & Princess Isabelle
From..."Braveheart" and I know it's not his wife but I truly felt that the princess & him had more sparks...

62Antonio Banderas & Salma Hayek In Desperado

63Molly & Arthur Weasley

64Indiana Jones & Marion Ravenwood
Han Solo and Princess Leia of Planet Earth

65Giselle and Robert (Enchanted)

66Tristan and Isolde
Tristan and Isolde is the ultimate story of tragic love, celebrated on screen, in opera, in story. The present screen version is poignant and so heart wrenching that I find it difficult to watch, but I do anyhow. And the Wagner Tristan und Isolde live from the Metropolitan Opera will be seen in 500 theaters across America is coming on March 22,, search for Metropolitan Opera HD. I wouldn't expect it to be in the top 10 because it isn't trendy and goes too far back in time.
sure, she commits adultry but their love is so pure!

67William Powell & Myra Loy
You believed that one was a gumshoe and the other a society gal. But they got married and had the best of adventures in the Thin Man series of films. The patter is what screwball comedy was made for.


68Eric Draven and Shelly - The Crow
Their love goes beyond death.

69Riff Raff & Magenta
You can tell from your username that this is a beautiful couple. From 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' these two characters have a deep deep understanding and an unspeakably close relationship. They are perfect.
They have a strange relationship. Lets do the time warp again!


They're brother and sister...

70Prince Caspian and Queen Susan
Yes I know they weren't together in the book. But that would have to be one of the saddest endings I've ever seen.

71Alice & Carlos Oliveira

72Harold & Maude
So powerful tender and disturbing at the same time! When you saw their love one time you will never see love affection and sex with the same eyes

73Bella Swan & Jacob Black
The enigmatic bonding with wavering emotions, to sum up, a wonderful romance

74Hawkeye (Nathaniel Poe) & Cora Munro
From "The Last of the Mohicans". They are such a brave and Heart Warming couple.

75Tony Manero & Stephanie Mangano

76Jack & Sally

77Andie and Benjamin Barry
The were great in how to lose a guy in ten days so great they have another movie together!

78Alabama Whitman and Clarence Worley
From one of the great Tarantino films true romance

79Justin & Tessa Quayle

80Joel Barish & Clementine Kruczynski

81Tom Hansen & Summer Finn

82Simba & Nala

83Catherine Earnshaw & Heathcliff
I honestly can't believe the twilight was put before true classic love, heathcliffe and Catherine are so romantic and intense, best book and movie ever, it needs to be up further and what about Gomez and morticia, what the hell
Is the world coming to

84Korben Dallas & Leeloo

85Jesse Aarons & Leslie Burke
This was intense romance in Bridge to Terabithia. It made me want to cry, and I did.


86Susan Pevensie & Prince Caspian

87Megara & Hercules
great couple and love the song "i wont say I'm in love"

88Jareth and Sarah
from the labyrinth. Honesty David Bowie!

89Winnie Foster & Jesse Tuck

90Gyeon-Woo & The Sassy Girl

91Juno MacGuff & Paulie Bleaker

92Danny & Evelyn

93Etienne Navarre and Isabeau D'Anjou (Ladyhawke)

94Jake Russell & Cassie Nightingale

95Gerry & Holly Kennedy

96Clarice Starling & Hannibal Lecter
This, people, this is called true love; when a psychotic criminal can't help falling in love with an fbi agent. This is real chemisry.

97Robin Hood & Marian

98Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase
They made the books 20 times better than they already were!

99Finnick Odair & Annie Cresta
They are such a lovely couple you can see how much he cares about her

100Jake and Elwood Blues

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