Greatest Movie Couples Of All Time

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41Richard Collier & Elise McKenna
42Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley

It's unfortunately a rip off of Ariel and Eric but don't get me wrong, I still like/love to listen to British/English accents though.

It's a rip off of Ariel and Eric but don't get me wrong, I still like/love to listen to British/English accents though.

they get married in the last book and ron and hermione also too -

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43Troy Bolton & Gabriella Montez

These two are so cute together, and the fact that these two are modern makes it even better

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44Sarah Ashley & Drover
45Scarlett O'Hara & Rhett Butler

They are both selfish and that makes them so perfect for each other.

46Harvey Dent and RachelV1 Comment
47Harry Burns & Sally Albright

I love the movie when Harry met Sally. I love the chemistry between the two of them. You knew they were both going to end up together as one. Just the bantoring, the wild goose chase of them dating the wrong people. Harry and Sally were meant to be

yes... ofcourse... they are the ones... I really loved them... - underhill

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48Forrest Gump & Jenny Curran

Forrest loved Jenny more than anyone could love anybody.

I love that movie

49Jean Grey & Scott Summers

Xmen rules! There love is sweet

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50Mickey & Minnie Mouse
51James Bond & Honey Ryder

They were a very nice couple, Sean and Ursulla Andres had great chemistry and looked very nice together - Szonana

52Snow White and the Prince

This other couple's also better than those insufferable, obnoxious love hate relationships too anyway.

53Bernard and Bianca
54Maria & Capt. Von Trapp

There is a everlasting magic between Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer in "The Sound of Music". It's so hard to believe they only played their roles because they really seem to be in love with each other. When they dance the laendler it's like they were floating and the scene in the gazebo is the epitome of romance.

I completely and utterly adore captain Von Trapp and Maria together! Julie's and Christopher Plummer play these roles so brilliantly! - MJET

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55Tarzan & Jane
56Indiana Jones & Marion Ravenwood

Han Solo and Princess Leia of Planet Earth

57Heathcliff & Catherine
58Westley and Buttercup

How on earth is this couple not in the top ten? From 'The Princess Bride'. "As you wish" - Freak_Show1

amazing love story "as you wish" turned into the most romantic line ever after this movie - danajs24

What can I say? This is one of my favorite movies of all time and undoubtedly a beautiful story of true love... : )

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59Superman & Lois Lane

Superman and Lois Lane is a different love stories... Not like the others stories, love it very much! Let's make it to the first list!

Come on! 0%? Are you kidding me, it's Superman and Lois Lane... The best couple of all time... Who doesn't watch Superman?

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60Peter Pan & Wendy Darling

Both of them together makes my heart race... laugh out loud! I know it's weird but it's true. They are the main reason I watch Peter Pan again and again. I even made a review about them for my public speaking competition.

They arn't exactly a couple, but they are amazingly cute & I love the movie!

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