Greatest Movie Couples Of All Time

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101Catherine Earnshaw & Heathcliff

I honestly can't believe the twilight was put before true classic love, heathcliffe and Catherine are so romantic and intense, best book and movie ever, it needs to be up further and what about Gomez and morticia, what the hell
Is the world coming to

102Korben Dallas & Leeloo
103Jesse Aarons & Leslie Burke

This was intense romance in Bridge to Terabithia. It made me want to cry, and I did. - jprg12

104Susan Pevensie & Prince Caspian
105Megara & Hercules

great couple and love the song "i wont say I'm in love" -

106Hawkeye & Black Widow
107Captain Jack Sparrow & Angelica

The chemistry between Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz is exactly the same as Robert Downey Jr and Rachael McAdams in the Sherlock Holmes franchise

Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz oozed chemistry and charisma that Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly could only dream of.

The Pirates of the Caribbean equivilant to Sherlock Holmes & Irene Adler

108Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps (Zootopia)
109Woody & Buzz
110Jareth and Sarah

from the labyrinth. Honesty David Bowie!

111Winnie Foster & Jesse TuckV1 Comment
112Gyeon-Woo & The Sassy Girl
113Juno MacGuff & Paulie Bleaker
114Danny & Evelyn
115Etienne Navarre and Isabeau D'Anjou (Ladyhawke)

Most romantic movie ever, & yet so few people know about this movie.

116Jake Russell & Cassie Nightingale
117Gerry & Holly Kennedy

One of the most amazing' couples... The whole movie "ps I love you" was simply awesome

118Clarice Starling & Hannibal Lecter

This one is cute. I would like this to happen. They would be so cute.

This, people, this is called true love; when a psychotic criminal can't help falling in love with an fbi agent. This is real chemisry.

119Robin Hood & Marian
120James Bond & Vesper Lynd

Best of the best! Give them a chance!

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