Greatest Movie Couples Of All Time

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121Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase

The movie version of them is more likable than the book version of them anyway.

They made the books 20 times better than they already were!

O.K., the movies are crap, but they are without a doubt the greatest book couple ever!

122Finnick Odair & Annie Cresta

They are such a lovely couple you can see how much he cares about her

123Cato and Clove

How the hell is Glimmer and Cato there and not the original star-crossed lovers?! I nearly screamed when I seen the b! Tche's name instead of Clove. Glimmer got the ending she deserved (although there could have been more blood and gore) and Clove should have killed Katniss and Thresh, Cato killed Foxface and Peeta and they've won. CLATO RULES! F OFF Glato fans!

That depends on your perspective of who the original starr-crossed lovers were.

124Jake and Elwood Blues
125Taylor McKessie & Chad Danforth
126Rafe & Evelyn
127Micky & Mallory Knox
128Prince Edward & Nancy Tremaine
129Donald Duck & Daisy Duck
130Raoul & Christine

He was the one who truly loved Christine. He loved her even before the Phantom met her.

131Jane & Mr. Bingley
132Lydia & Mr. Wickham
133Harry Potter & Hermione Granger

I'd rather prefer the idea of them just friends and nothing nor nothing else more.

I know there not real but they would be the best

134Keith Zetterstrom & Natalie Anderson

Such an unknown film yet so addictive, could not stop watching this movie after watching it the first time.

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135Gomez & Morticia Addams
136Anne Shirley & Gilbert Blyth
137John Bender & Claire Standish

From the Breakfast club - one of the greatest movies ever!

138Star Lord & Gamora
139Davy Henshaw & Yvonne
140Henry & Martha Van Cleve (Heaven Can Wait '43)

Henry (Don Ameche) and Martha (Gene Tierney) are the most beautiful film-couple in this endearing comedy directed by Ernst Lubitsch. A movie that was well ahead of it's time and looks still amazingly fresh now.

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