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41Star Trek
42Despicable Me

It's Sad To See This Franchise Getting Betrayed Since July 2015

The first one was a success because it was new and fresh and creative. The sequel was a huge disappointment.

43Night at the Museum

Good first movie, third was also ok I guess, not going to talk about second or 4th
or the future 5th moo k

44Percy Jackson
4721 Jump StreetV1 Comment
48Mad Max

Alien (1979) and Aliens (1986) are the only ones worth watching.

Can we only count the first half of the franchise?

50The Pink Panther

This Should Be Number 1 It's The Largest Movie Franchise Ever I Want To See His Movies sO Badly - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

All of the godzilla movies except the remake and the upcoming remake - jared5

Terrible 1998. The only good is Zilla. Replace it with the 2014 (it's getting 2 sequels), or any eras from Toho (Japan) like the Showa (1954), Heisei (1984), Millennium (2000), or Shin (2016).


First blood, First blood part 2, Rambo 3, Rambo - jared5

53Final Destination
54The Human Condition
55The Mummy
56Look Who's Talking
58The Garden Of Sinners
59Ghost In the Shell
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