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101Captain America

Best thing going on the marvel universe.

103Charlie Chan
105BonesV3 Comments
106Three Investigators

Please be #1, the top ten

107Infernal Affairs Trilogy

This is the series that The Departed with leonardo dicaprio and Jack Nicholson is adapted from. Great series

108Street Fighter

I haven't watched like any of these movies

109Dorm Daze
111Ghost Rider

This was one of my favorite comic books, also Jona Hex, they showed you what everyday people felt, and maybe like to do!

112Brother Bear

This is heart warming

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113Harold & Kumar
114Kick-Ass Series
116Resident Evil

By far deserves the number one spot, the best movie series there is to watch! I bet people think it's going to be rubbish because of the title, however its nothing like the games, once you watch the first two, you will be grieving follow the sequels

Holy crap! This movie franchise isn't like some other horrible zombie movies. Usually I can't watch anything with guts and gore in it but this is so good that I couldn't stop watching it.

This series while not a set of horror films had enough action and suspense to be some great action films.

It's a good movie series BUT not a good "resident evil movie" series

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It's not a series but all khiladi movies are great, n I m big fan of khiladi Kumar, Akii


First movie in the series is best of all

119Bill & Ted
120Kung Fu Panda

I saw all 2 parts of the kung fu panda it s very good and its action sequences by jakie is also nice...

This movie is to die for, it is so inspirational! Definitely a must watch!

Come on guys! This movie deserves to be at least in top ten!

One of the greats.

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