Movies That Are More Violent Than Expected


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1Home Alone

Haha, didn't remember him to be so... Violent and aweful to those poor bastards...

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Haha this movie was SO violent someone's head gets blown up and it looks like a melon!

Ok, so the first half hour of the film was entirely G-rating, but then people are killed brutally whit knifes and forks and chocking n bullets, and a head getting blown off whit a shotgun, laugh out loud

3Toy Soldiers
4The Dark Knight
5Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

It was originally PG. Which is a shocker since it's quite graphic and frightening. - Hernandez1614

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7Watership Down

You think they're just cute little bunnies, but this movie is brutal! - Elric-san

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Too violent for Disney


I knew it would be violent, but MY GOD! - Hernandez1614

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An Awesome Bloody Movie. I was expecting plenty of gore. I got a lot more than I asked for. Makes the previous 3 look like Sesame Street. Bloody yet Awesome. Just maybe too Bloody.

12Osmosis Jones

Seriously it's violent. The bad guy kills a lot of organisms

13Kingsman: The Secret Service
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