Top Ten Best Movies That Never Existed


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1Toy Story 4

Actually I heard there making this movie in 2017. - nintendofan126

I love toy story! I hope it comes! - Animefan12

This movie will be released in 2016

2Sharknado 666: The Sharks From Hell
3My Little Pony Meets Michael Bay

A girly movie with to much explosions

4What a Twist!: The Documentary of M. Night Shyamalan

What a twist! M. Night Shamalyan is actually a man eating sharknado! - Pony

5The Bruce Lee And Liu Kang Adventure

A movie I would love to see

6Battle For Bikini Bottom

A game tuned in to movie. good

7Terminator Meets... Robocop?

We have a game but a movie would be better

8Worth The Wait: The Half Life 3 Story

Lol, that would certainly never happen. - Pony

9Stereotypes: The Movie
10Rayman: The Movie

The Contenders

11Cars 3
12The Story of Yoda
13Cloverfield 2
14Prometheus 2
15Red Dawn 2: The Confederacy Rises Again

It would be a new generation of teenagers fighting in Illinois or Indiana. Where the North has to once again would have to kick the Confederates butt - westofohio

16Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind

It would be Roy's journey to the aliens would after he left Earth. - westofohio

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1. Sharknado 666: The Sharks From Hell
2. Toy Story 4
3. My Little Pony Meets Michael Bay



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