Top Ten Movies Set Primarily in the Desert


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1Bitter Victory

Nicholas Ray ’s bleak masterpiece Bitter Victory is one of the most searingly pessimistic, a tale of breakdown and cowardice under the Saharan sun. It is set during the Western Desert Campaign of the second world war - LightningBlade

2The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
3GreedV1 Comment
4Ice Cold in Alex

Shot in Libyan parts of the Sahara, the film bears comparison with the French truck-driving thriller The Wages of Fear (1953) in its use of inhospitable locations to ratchet up the tension. Particularly memorable moments include the group’s nail-biting traversal of a minefield, peril by quicksand, and the iconic final scene of the survivors sharing a cold beer in Alexandria possibly the most thirst-quenching drinks in cinema. - LightningBlade

5Woman of the Dunes

Though Japan isn’t known for its deserts, 37-year-old director Hiroshi Teshigahara filmed in the rolling dunes of the Tottori prefecture in the west of the country the terrain that inspired Kobo Abe ’s celebrated source novel. - LightningBlade

6Fata Morgana

Three or four days race in desert. one of the longest running horse races. great movie. should get more than just 6.7 on IMDB. - zxm

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11Zabriskie Point
12The Lone RangerV1 Comment
13Mad Max: Fury Road

The whole world becomes desert. - zxm

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