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21 Inside Out Inside Out

I cried when Riley was running away and Sadness fixed her problems.

22 A Walk to Remember A Walk to Remember

Why did she have to die?! I cried like a baby. - LadyLioness

I just finished watching it, never cried so much in my life. Such and emotional movie, one of my favorites now. :')

Never cried more in my whole life of a movie! This one of the best cry movies ever I just simply loved it!

I like this movies, make me cry.. I'm a boy.

23 The Man in the Moon The Man in the Moon

The one with Reese Witherspoon - luvtoread

24 All Quiet On the Western Front All Quiet On the Western Front
25 Click Click

This is like one of the only comedies where you can cry about it is just so sad with all the growing up and deaths it's just overall a great movie

Never thought I'd cry in an Adam Sandler movie, but it was so sad, the bit at the hospital it heart wrenching.

26 Beaches Beaches

Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey - Shakester

27 Monsters, Inc. Monsters, Inc. V 1 Comment
28 My Girl My Girl

Once you have kids that age, it has to be the saddest

29 Savior Savior

I cry every time I see this movie. "Savior" is really sad, emotional and touching film. The ending was especially sad - Irina2932

30 A Beautiful Mind A Beautiful Mind
31 The Blind Side The Blind Side

Its really make me cry when I just sre his mom hugging him I love the film so much and make me knows that people must love you however you act

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32 Where the Red Fern Grows Where the Red Fern Grows

Why must the good die young. This is one of the greatest movies of all time and the red fern growing on Dan and Ann's grave was beautiful.

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33 Grave of the Fireflies Grave of the Fireflies

I've teared up in movies before, but this is the only that made me cry. I bawled the first time. A truly moving and profound film, not just sappy sentimentality.

WHY THE HECK IS THIS SO LOW! This is way sadder then Titanic and basicly a bunch others in the top ten! Only 0.2? Come on!

Basically the saddest film ever made. It will rip your heart out with a spoon; slowly and painfully.

Sadder than half of these movies.

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34 Toy Story 2 Toy Story 2
35 Ghost Ghost
36 I am Sam I am Sam
37 The Lion King The Lion King

It is a good movie if you have not seen it watch it with your kids and grandkids and toddlers too.

I cried of sadness as well as happyness. Truly amazing movie!

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38 Dancer In The Dark Dancer In The Dark

Extremely tragic, it wrecks you emotionally. You think you can get through it, but it is very difficult to watch and emotionally overwhelming. It will stick in your head for days afterwards, a no comedy fix will be able to help.

39 The Color Purple The Color Purple
40 The Pursuit of Happyness The Pursuit of Happyness

40! What is this movie doing at #40 on this list!
I love this movie and although it has a happy ending still it can make anyone
Cry. The scene where will smith and his son spend night in public restroom and also the end scene are really emotional... Vote for this movie guys!

Will Smith and his son Jaden are INCREDIBLE.
Forrest Gump is nice too. -

I bet this one will make you cry like a Baby.. :'(

This was the fist movie which made me cry

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