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41The Pursuit of Happyness

40! What is this movie doing at #40 on this list!
I love this movie and although it has a happy ending still it can make anyone
Cry. The scene where will smith and his son spend night in public restroom and also the end scene are really emotional... Vote for this movie guys!

Will Smith and his son Jaden are INCREDIBLE.
Forrest Gump is nice too. -

I bet this one will make you cry like a Baby.. :'(

This was the fist movie which made me cry

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42Furious 7V1 Comment
44Sling Blade

when Carl (BBT) talks about burying his premature baby brother in a shoe box when he was still moving around! so sad! And at the end when he has to go back to mental hospital for the rest of his pitiful life! - luvtoread

45Steel Magnolias

I lose it every time when the women support Sally Fields and she just can't help but let her emotions out. So raw and powerful

47Love Actually
48Edward Scissorhands
49Boyz 'N the Hood

When Ricky dies it is so tragic, He would've moved on to University and made something for himself, but the Stupid Ghetto didn't make that possible - roblist

It was extremely sad when Ricky died. Especially since he was going to change his life around. I cried SO HARD it was terrible

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50Deep Impact
51The Phantom of the Opera

I admit, I cried and I don't cry over anything. I ' love this movie, this is definitely my favorite, and I just love it. If you have never watched it, you must go watch it!

This movie has made me tear up at the end. Very rarely do I ever tear up during movies but this one got to me.. Very good acting and singing! I highly recommend it!

I love this movie so much. Every time I watch it I cry. And I don't normally cry over movies. I highly recommend it! There is also really good singing in it too.

A great adaptation of the musical. Powerful, timeless music and a sad, classic story of true love.

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its sad cz he just wants to be like everyone else and nobody understands exept coach

53Savannah Smiles
54Moulin Rouge

My all time favorite movie! Just finished watching it for the 9th time this week... Touching story line and amazing songs! Plus, Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman are so cute together!

55Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

It is so sad when Frodo leaves the shire!

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56Sophie's Choice
57King Kong

Yeah, poor giant ape. If that was in NY, I'd be like, "MMOMM! "

Poor ape, he was just out of his enviroment and they killed him. He's just an animal!

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58Gone With the Wind

I read the book and was not bothered/upset but when I recently watch the movie I cried all the way through it. - bookmark55

59The Straight Story

Best movie I've ever seen. So touching and I cried so much. If you haven't seen it, you have to. You wont be dissapointed!

60The Road

I watched after I heard that The Last Of Us was based off of it. Seriously never expected to be tearing up as much as I did during the movie. Makes you appreciate what you have now a whole lot more. Going to read the book now!

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