Movies That Will Put You to Sleep


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1Gone with the Wind

Too damn long. 220 minutes! I'm done at 2 hours of romance. - Hernandez1614

To long and very slow paced.


It takes nearly an hour and a half for the ship to start sinking. - Hernandez1614

3King Kong (2005)

The beginning is pretty dull. - Hernandez1614

4Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Saw the first two LOTR movies in theater and fell asleep soundly both times. I told my husband to go to the 3rd without me. I will never watch these movies.

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5The Godfather

No matter how much of a great classic this is, some people can't manage to keep their eyes open. - Hernandez1614


Vampires. Werewolves. Bad acting. Weird lip-biting Kristen Stuart... Yawn. - Hernandez1614

7Vampires Suck

Twilight but even more stupid. - Hernandez1614


Not as interesting as it seems. - Hernandez1614

It's almost 3 hours long.

9The Hangover Part II

This was boring because everything going on we've seen before. - Hernandez1614

10Inglourious Basterds

The long French scene at the pub was draining my energy. - Hernandez1614

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112001: A Space Odyssey

Haha I still haven't seen the end, after 2 months of trying to watch this.

12There Will Be Blood

It's a pretty good movie, but the atmosphere makes you feel sleepy. - Hernandez1614

14The Green Mile
16Road to Perdition
17Citizen Kane

This movie was so booring it just draagged oon I actually left the room before I could fall asleep

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20Heaven and Earth
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1. The Green Mile
2. Amistad
3. Road to Perdition
1. Gone with the Wind
2. Titanic
3. King Kong (2005)



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