Movies With Misunderstood Villains


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All he ever wanted was a little kindness. - Hernandez1614


Silva was left for dead by M. Payback is necessary. - Hernandez1614

3Wreck-It Ralph

Well, yes, Ralph is a misunderstood game villain, but the movie's ACTUAL villain doesn't fall into the "misunderstood" category

Ralph plays the villain in his game, but he's tired of being the bad guy. - Hernandez1614

4Spider-Man 3

The Sandman just wanted to protect his daughter and was falsely accused of killing Uncle Ben. - Hernandez1614

5The Amazing Spider-Man

The Lizard was trying to come up with something that would benefit the world. Sadly, it all went haywire. - Hernandez1614

6X-Men: The Last Stand

Magneto knew that the humans would never accept the mutans as a society. - Hernandez1614

7WatchmenV1 Comment
8Batman BeginsV1 Comment
9Toy Story

To be honest, Sid doesn't know that his toys can feel pain. Had he known, things might have been different. - Hernandez1614

10The Incredibles

Wanna be super hero is rejected leaving hatred where his admiration was. - Hernandez1614

If you ask ME Mr. Incredible shouldn't be a hero for discouraging a Kid.

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11The Wizard of Oz

"The Wicked Witch of the West". Her sister was killed by Dorothy's house, and she stole her shoes! That's enough to make anybody wicked. - TheOneWithTheGoldenGiraffe

12X-Men: First Class

Magneto: "I've been at the mercy of men following orders my whole life. "

13Dog Day Afternoon
14Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

That he still harbored a creepy obsession over Harry's mother doesn't redeem him.

Who didn't feel sorry for Professer Snape when you seen his memories he was never a bad guy, he was in love Harry's mother - wibrownjr

15Batman Returns
16Spider-Man 2

Dr Otto Octavius had dreams of providing a new source of energy to benefit the world. It all went wrong, his wife died, he lost control of his mechanical arms and he saw his dreams get crushed before his eyes.

17The Avengers
18The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Smeagol didn't know that the ring was cursed. It tortured him for years. He's still his old, innocent self deep down inside.

19King Kong (1933)
20The Exorcist

Reagan (the girl who was possessed) was not the evil one. the demon that possessed her (Pazuzu) Was the true evil one.

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