Top Ten Movies You Need Only Take One Look at to Know They Will Be Bad


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1Birdemic: Shock and Terror

I saw the trailer to the movie on the YouTube. What was with the CGI? It was like strings were holding those puppet birds. Deserves the first position. - Kiteretsunu

I only needed the one look. And I can guarantee that this is the pinnacle of dreadful. - PositronWildhawk


Only one word for this film (CGI is okay). And that's it's mindlessly violent. Seems like it has a weak plot. - Kiteretsunu

3Mega Shark vs. Giant OctopusV1 Comment
4Boa vs. Python

Unfortunately, I did see the whole movie. Wasted my precious time. - Kiteretsunu

5Time Bandits
6The Descent

One of the best horror films ever! What idiot added this film?

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7The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
8Fred: The Movie
10The Oogieloves In the Big Balloon Adventure

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11Journey to the Center of the Earth

There have been nine versions of this story in the form of a movie, according to IMDb. And this, well, can't relate to the story in any way. But it is an amazing unintentional comedy. - PositronWildhawk


Foodfight only #22? under awesome movies like Sharknado and The Lego Movie?

13Wild Wild West

Only one or two funny lines - the rest of it was so bad even though the cast was awesome.

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14Tappy Toes
15Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale
16The Last Airbender

Just hear M. Night Shyamalan and you'll know, although he's made some excellent films in the past such as Unbreakable, Sixth Sense and Signs which are some of my faves. - DamnFineCupOfCoffee

17The Tuxedo
18Open Season
19Little Princess School
20The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl

Aside from Linus and George Lopez, Everyone in this movie sounds so disinterested

Stupidest movie ever
Stupidest effects ever and
Stupidest plot ever

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1. The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
2. Fred: The Movie
3. The Oogieloves In the Big Balloon Adventure
1. Birdemic: Shock and Terror
2. Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus
3. Sharknado



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