Movies You Should Never Take Your Kids to Watch


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Not for kids because there's that one scene where they find a decapitated head in the box.


It also has a scene where a big fat naked guy is shoving his crotch in another naked guy's face.

Only reason to watch this movie whit your kid is if he is horny on Pam

That would be hilarious if a teacher brings that movie for kids in elementary school, to see it.
I bet kids would be laughing at this.

23The Hangover
24Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Overuse of drugs and scary hallucinations will disturb kids.

25The Angel's Melancholy
26Pulp Fiction

Strong violence, strong nudity and sexual content, strong foul language, and strong drug use. And it goes on for nearly 170 minutes.

No kid wants to watch Mace Windu cuss up a storm.

27Lesbian Vampire Killers
28The Wolf of Wall Street
29Africa Addio
31Shoot 'Em Up
32Cannibal (2006)

The name is pretty self-explanatory. - RockFashionista

33A Serbian Film

Mommy, why can't they make that baby stop crying? - Chaplin

34Freddy vs Jason
35Wes Craven's New Nightmare
36Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Kids will fear that their parents are abducted by aliens.

37Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom

Do you really want to show your kids a movie that has one scene where children are forced to eat feces and drink urine for dinner?

I will just laugh at the horrible attempt at humor. And, yes, I am a kid. - PizzaGuy

38Strange Circus
39The Human Centipede II, Full Sequence

The first one is sick enough! Now there's a sequel? What the hell?!

40The Smurfs

Is it because of how creepy the smurfs are depicted or that it doesn't play true to the original source material?

Your kids may die from extreme stupidity

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