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Map of the Problematique
Map of the Problematique

Easily far and above any other song I have ever heard, there is so much going on in this song, so many small nuances that one could listen to it a thousand times and still find something new to discover and love.

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The piano in this song is amazing, and then muse slowly layers in the other instruments, a masterpiece. The chorus is unforgettable and the lyrics fit perfectly.

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This song has hands down the best bass line ever. This song, despite its lyrical tone is so upbeat and never fails to get me fired up.

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Time Is Running Out
4Time Is Running Out

This is muse rockin' out at their best, with its incredible chorus that will undoubtedly remain a classic.

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Muscle Museum
5Muscle Museum

It is clear proof that Muse is the best band when their debut album has more hits and epic songs that most other bands achieve in their entire career.

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Butterflies and Hurricanes
6Butterflies and Hurricanes

Along with MOTP this song has song many nuances every time you listen to it, it feels like the first time. The piano is incredible (especially the solo) and the lyrics are incredible and inspiring. "Best, you've got to be the best; You've got to change the world; And use this chance to be heard; Your time is now. "

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This epic power ballad, starts slow with beating war drums and slowly yet surely grows and grows, adding uplifting and beautiful lyrics, until it reaches the crescendo of the greatest guitar solo (ever? ) that Muse has yet created.

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The most peaceful song in the world.

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Citizen Erased
9Citizen Erased

This song could easily be at the top of any rock list (and would be higher here if Muse wasn't so awesome that they can top it) from its epic riffs to quiet bridges this song has it all. Muse at its best.

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Stockholm Syndrome
10Stockholm Syndrome

I saw Muse in concert a while back, and their performance on this song was incredible, the guitar work in this song is unbelievable.

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