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Citizen Erased

Citizen Erased
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I was introduced to Muse by Absolution, and while collecting everything else they've ever done, I found this song. It's the most absolutely brilliant, heavy and beautiful song ever recorded! Not many songs can seamlessly transition between the awesome beginning riff and finish with the sublime piano ending. The lyrics and vocals only add to this song's greatness, it should easily be number one on the list. Muser for life!
This song is amazing, the structure is absolutely awesome, such a powerful rock track, one of the greatest life songs of all time, every true fan knows this is their best!
HOW CAN THIS SONG NOT BE IN THE FIRST PLACE?! This is a Masterpiece: Amazing guitar intro, amazing vocals (obviously, it's Matt Bellamy), amazing slow bridge, amazing guitar riff again, amazing guitar solo and amazing piano outro. WHAT ELSE CAN YOU ASK FOR IN A SONG?
IT'S JUST BRILLIANT... the abrupt start that decrescendos into Matt singing soft notes, which leads into an awesome guitar solo and the loudest part of the song after an epic guitar solo, then decrescendos again into something that could make any human cry. It's just wonderful.
The only reason why this isn't number one is that nobody knows about it. If you are a 2nd Law and Resistance fan who has never heard of Origin of Symmetry, listen to this song. It is the best Muse song I have ever heard, and trust me. I have heard them all
I'm not surprised that this doesn't even make it to top 10. A hidden gem in Muse's catalog. This showcases their musical diversity and THE song that defines them (on what they do best); dark, heavy, majestic, chilling and emotional.
This is one of their greatest, but not the perfection that muse can reach. Still top ten stuff
If you love then muse this song has to be number 1. It's about how it feels to be questioned. And how it reminds the questioned of how he/she used to be so innocent. This song is by far the greatest muse song.


This is Muse's take on a rock opera (loosely). I would vote this song up with Bohemian Rhapsody and Paranoid Android and Stairway to Heaven. Easily Muse's best song.
I ' love Muse and it's very hard for me to decide on the "best" one, but if I had to pick one to take with me into a desert island I'd have to chose this one! It's a shame it doesn't even make the top 10 in here...
Is this list for real? Are you serious? Why is their best song in 15th? What the heck!?
Every time I hear this song I get so excited. Matt's falsetto part is just amazing. It's such an epic song.
Seriously, this is their magnum opus. Their longest song to date, it's Radiohead's Paranoid Android, Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven, etc.
Hauntingly beautiful.
On the album Origin of Symmetry... one of my fav muse songs


Epic, one of the best muse song of ever, the song resistance is now 11th but if you hear the intro you can see it's similar with this! (sorry for my horrible english
I started with mainstream Muse, but now, I wouldn't be caught dead with a TOP TENS Muse list without Citizen Erased in the top three.
7 and half minutes of pure beauty. Very dark and yet light
Muse's Bohemian Rhapsody... Simply a beast song. Could die to this song. And I can relate to the lyrics and the heavy riffs and then the soft piano outro and the slow guitar parts inbetween, simply amazing...
This song deserves to be the top Muse song. It has a dark feel to it at the end and it just makes me think. I wish that Muse would create more songs like this.
This is Muse's greatest song. I'm not a snob who thinks older material is automatically better, this is simply their best song. Then Hysteria.
Amazing track, easily one of the best off origin of symmetry. The way bellamy changes pitch when singing this is amazing!
Really the best song, with lyrics matching the music so well, I cannot believe that it is not in the top 3, it is just to good
It's an epic with a killer riff. This should be easily in Muse's top 10 and is definitely number 1 for me.
I think this is their best song, this song deserves the number one spot not eleven, come on VOTE
Best origin of symmetry song, and that's the best album.

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