This is such an awesome song. I don't even care id this was in Twilight or not! This was maybe the first Muse song I hear, and I was hooked to them. Thus showing the awesomeness of Muse! I'm not sure why this only got 3? %?! Come on guys, Time is Running out is definitely not as good as this!

A song that personally gives me an eargasm. Has a meaning in the lyrics, and it's on you how you understand them. Kind of a wake up call. Love is our resistance.

very complex, beautiful, and poetic. It was really hard to choose a song, I love every Muse song, but this is the one that made me fall in love with Muse, and it's my favorite one.

I love the keyboard; that alone really sets the tone so well. The first line that Matthew sings is also incredible.

Absolutely amazing song.

I loved this song from the first time I listened to it. I can't believe I heard Must until now. This is the song that introduced me to their amazing music. I love them!

It's the one-of-the-best type songs... But among MUSE tracks... It must be in top three... among with Time is Running Out & Supermassive Black Hole... DO IT VOTE!

This is the best of their song, very beautiful. Everything is great in this song: text, music, emotions...

this should be in top 5, it's better than knights of cydonia and supermassive black hole

Um... WHY IS THIS NOT IN THE TOP 10?!?! Such a powerful, epic song - and really emotional - just all round fantastic to be honest...

LOVE THIS SONG! The lyrics remind me of Orwell's 1984; they make me want to cry!

Deserved to by way up in the top 10! It has every element that makes it a kick-ass song!

Top 5:
Stockholm Syndrome
Time is Running Out
Knights of Cydonia

How the hell this isn't in the top 5 and Time running out is? This song is brilliant!

Gotta go higher, best song from The Resistance album

Mate this should be number one without a doubt this is there best song

As Knights Of Cydonia it's my favourite song (sorry for my english)

Time is running out is the best but Resistance should be in top 3

How come it's not first on the list? It's absolutely amazing!

This song is fantastic! The voice and the sound is amazing.

13th? Really, this needs to be in top 5

My Favourite Song Of All Time!

I find this song so beautiful...

Can't resist this song.

Best song by the band!

Gotta love this song!