Best Music Artists of 2013


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The Top Ten

Jackie Evancho
The finest new singing voice of her generation.
Jackie's the best. It isn't close.
Judy Garland.. Julie Andrews.. Karen Carpenter.. Jackie Evancho.

2Maroon 5

3Bruno Mars
I am fans of bruno mars



6Flo Rida

7Katy Perry
I got the eye of the tiger, the fighter! Dancing through the fire!
Katy has been working so hard. I think she deserves it!
I love Katy's music and she totally deserves to be number one!

8ASAP Rocky
How was he not already on here

9Big Time Rush
You can't live without them, especially KENDALL!


10Taylor Swift
22 is a good one & I knew you were trouble.


The Contenders


Kesha may not be the best singer! But she's great!

13Justin Timberlake

14Robin Thicke

All his song wing$, THRIFT SHOP, CAN'T HOLD US, same love and white walls all great song he is the best of 2013. With 2 #1 hits and a platinum selling album, The Heist, #1 y'all crazy!
Macklemore is so amazing! He's a great role model and he's so talented!

16Miley Cyrus
She is coming in as the #1 contender for music artist of the year! She is on Fre!

17Lady Gaga
Poker face is awesome and catchy!



20One Direction
I think What makes you beautiful is the most popular!


21Selena Gomez

22Faber Drive

23Sage the Gemini


25Imagine Dragons

Set fire to the rain is Awesome!



28Ariana Grande
PEOPLE! This list is about artists who made it big in 2013 not about which artists you like or whatever! If you look at the list you'll see that most artists on it actually didn't do much in 2013 and the reasons why they are here in the first place are so irrelevant to the list.. -_- but anyway Ariana Grande really deserves to be in the top 10 of the li st, she actually worked hard this year!

29Kelly Clarkson

30Robbie Williams
This man is amazing

31Justin Bieber
He is amazing he cares about his fans. He may be getting some bd press lately but Justin is amazing and you think that he is not then you need to get a hearing aid.





36Austin Mahone

37Ellie Goulding

38Chris Brown


40Jason Derulo

41Avril Lavigne

So underrated. She has a great voice and such talent.

43Victoria Justice

44Bella Thorne

45Avenged Sevenfold

46Britt Nicole

47Idina Menzel
Let it go! Let it go! I'm one south the wind and sky-y-y!

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