Music Artists Who Sold-Out

When artists started out in one genre and then sold-out so they could make it on the pop charts. Let's discuss these artist who did this crime. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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In the eighties, they were the greatest metal band. Ever. They practically created thrash metal. There was nothing like it. What happened? For shame, Metallica, for shame...
1st 4 albums are amazing then they lost cliff and jason and they did it(stupid idea)


it's a shame really because they were amazing


2X Japan
I'm pretty sure most of the people who voted for them here have no idea what this list is about, but this time I won't complain about their ignorance.


I really don't see how they sold out but X-Japan rule most and deserve to be top of most lists. Pure awesome.
X Japan will always be at the top of the hierarchy. The top predator in a food chain if you will.

X Japan have kept to true to themselves even after the 10 year hiatus.

3Rod Stewart

4Guns N' Roses
With every member that left Guns n Roses, they took a bit of talent with them. I hated Chinese Democracy and is nothing like Appetite For Destruction


Who remembers their album Curb? No one, since their fans love their new poppy music. Like with Metallica, they were heavy and processed by money to make themselves softer.


many people would say KISS is great, when they just know one or two songs from them... that's because they are the most commercial band, even their fans say this


from "rock" to disco... bad!

8Linkin Park
Linkin Park should be above Metallica


This website is easy to troll

10Huey Lewis

The Contenders

11Billy Idol

12Pink Floyd

13Jefferson Starship



16Kanye West


18Justin Bieber
He was never good at the beginning.
Bieber is the best namja in Canada forever..!
"he sold out 2 MSG concerts in 22 seconds" That's a huge record

How do you go from My Name is, which sounds like he's pinching his nose and on drugs, to pop crap love songs like Love the Way You Lie?!
It called adapting. Yeah Lil Wayne n rihanna are plain lucky even to be in the same album with Eminem. How can an artist be a sellout who has one of the largest fanbase in the planet. Don't get jealous nitwit.
Sold out big time. Artists like Lil Wayne and Rihanna should never, EVER touch Eminem.

Definitely, her latest songs are so average. She needs to go back to her old stuff.
This is the chick who collaborated with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.

21Bon Jovi



24Red Hot Chili Peppers
The ONLY Band to sell out all three nights at london's Hyde Park

25Lady Gaga


27Tom Delonge
Tom Delonge Grew Up. Blink is what it is. If you took the time to listen to Angels & Airwaves, you would appreciate what he has done for music
he started out good with blink 182, but the frigged up BIG time with angels an airwaves
Tom Delonge grew up. Blink is what it is, catchy pop punk. If you took the time to listen to Angels & Airwaves you would appreciate what he is trying to do.


29Taylor Swift
In her tours she's also sold out

30Liz Phair

Does she even know who Rihanna is?

32Green Day

33Whitney Houston

34Def Leppard


36Young Money
They were never good even in the beginning. They can go home and stay there forever. Nobody, and I mean nobody should remember them. EVER.
They're all auto-tune pop now... Well then again I'm not sure if they could even be called decent rap in the first place.


They should preform, To hear the beats booming would be awesome. Nicki Minaj could Starships, Lil Wayne A milli, Drake Make Me Proud..

Compare Mylo Xyloto to Parachutes. They sang with Rihanna, for god's sake!
As a side note, I don't think some people on this list understand the point of it.

38Maroon 5
I liked them when everything wasn't just the Adam Levine show. The other band members are covered with dubstep electronic rubbish now.


40Eric Clapton

41No Doubt

From it was written to nastradomous he was a sellout. Fortunatly he made a big time comeback with stillmatic and the rest is history.
Illmatic is amazing, everyone knows that ❤️. It was written was cool, Nostradamus sucked and now he's good again.



45Shania Twain


47Avril Lavigne

48Michael Jackson

49Marilyn Manson
Just made a song with Gucci Mane two years ago. No wonder he's on this list.
O can't believe he was singing with Lady Gaga and Avril Lavigne. I hate to say this, but nothing lasts forever. I wish it did but it unfortunately doesn't.

50Demi Lovato
She's most definitely not a sell out. She's much better now than she was in Disney because in Disney she was hiding her real personality to be a role model and perfect while she was going through personal issues but now she's an inspiration to so many people and she's so much better ❤️

51Crosby, Stills & Nash

52REO Speedwagon


I don't think anyone can sell out two nights of Wembley and a huge ultra mega concert with a combined total of people of around 107,000 people in all the concerts. With more people still wanting to go.
They sold out with Bicycle Race and Fat Bottomed Girls


Korn was great back then, but now they're just a joke that's not funny. Like, at all.
Korn is forever ruined. Ruined... I'm gonna go cry in the corner now.

57Bryan Adams

58John Lydon

59Avenged Sevenfold


Do people think Slipknot sold out because Corey Taylor was lead singer of Stone Sour? No. He didn't do Stone Sour just to make money, he did it because it's something that he wanted to do. He wanted to try something new. Something for fun and creativity. He wasn't selling out.

62Snoop Dogg
He promoted Wiz Khalifa (and apparently, Snoop likes anyone who smokes weed). And when you keep getting promoted by Snoop, you're gonna be mainstream forever. But I haven't heard from Wiz Khalifa since so I'm glad he's gone. No more. We don't need anymore whack rappers killing up the genre.
He promoted Wiz Khalifa. And since we live in a generation where Hip hop is dying, anybody would listen to Wiz Khalifa just because they're too ignorant to know that all he talks about is smoking weed and drugs. They'll listen to anything you give them. They're that stupid.
I'm seriously surprised how no one talks about Snoop Dogg selling out just like they do with Metallica selling out. Snoop started collaborating with terrible artists like Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Jason Derulo, PSY, promoting terrible rappers like Wiz Khalifa, Far East Movement, even guest stared on Big Time Rush!
Besides all of that, he hasn't been himself either. Right now he's trying to be a wannabe Rastafarian, even calling himself "Snoop Lion."

Snoop really has changed. He's in his 40's Now so he should just retire already. He was a gangster back then but now he's a joke that's not funny.
[Newest]He used to be one of the greats 😪

63Busta Rhymes
This is not my opinion it's the truth. He started rapping with the worst artists (like Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Chris Brown) just to become relevant again.

64Pharrell Williams

65The Black Eyed Peas

66Katy Perry
I liked her better back in the early 2000's when she was not talking about partying and getting drunk (just like in Last Friday Night).


68Tim McGraw

69Imagine Dragons

70The Flaming Lips
They made a song with Ke$ha three years ago. That's all I have to say.


72Sir Mix-a-Lot

73Dave Grohl

74The Game

75Ice Cube

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