Music Artists You'd Like to Perform at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremonies

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281Tokyo Jihen

Although they were separated, I still think that they would surprise the whole world!

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Love your song and you every times

I think this will the best change to choose the team!

Supercell is a very good team of music.So we want to share their songs to people all around the world.

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283Jun Fukuyama

I like his voice very much. I hope him can be invited to the ceremony.

The first time I saw him just like him very much, I think he is the best voice-over artists. He is a bright and cheerful disposition is also very cute, and it is a particularly serious, particularly cherish to fans. I love her every role, no matter good or bad. He was very popular in the making, and friends. He likes to laugh, to stand up is also very good, I like every day every day with him, he is my idol forever, I will always love him

He is a man who is very hard and earnest.

I am JUN fan, I really like him very much. I've heard the sound of his voice is the most beautiful voice. He treated fans cherish, treat friend sincerely, work conscientiously. He is very lovely, also very humor. If can't see him in the opening ceremony, the Olympic Games to see don't see it doesn't matter

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284Monkey Majik

I think monkey majik is the best choice because they bring an international flavor and their songs are great and appeal to a large demographic

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285Minami Takahashi

She is very cute!
It is the singing voice that is powerful though she is a small body.

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Energetic and versatile music, artistic, bright personality, strong presence on stage, commercial (in a positive way), skilful performance, not only musicians, but real showmen - what else is needed? Oh, and very handsome vocals that leave a strong, long-lasting impression. Mucc is one of those few bands that can equally be intimate a tiny local night club or grab the attention of many thousands without any quality loss or without rising eyebrows. It must be them!

Energetic, versatile music; smart beat and clever lyrics; artistic, bright personality of the band; strong presence on stage; commercial (in a positive way), skillful performance; not only musicians, but real showmen - what else is needed?

Mucc is one of the few bands that can equally be intimate in a tiny local night club and grab the attention of the thousands without any quality loss or rising of eyebrows. Is should be them!

He is an angel.

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287ADAMSV3 Comments

Two-boy unit with a young, fresh, and heart-touching lyrics and beautiful melody. Their two voices melt into another crystal-clear harmony. Must to listen.

I like their songs that fresh sense touch me, and they are so cute

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289Wang Leehom

Leehom has made a big influence within Asia and worldwide, and"Love, Peace&Music"is always his belief and what he is doing.

Chinese band could be appear in Japan.Love Peace&Music,nice indeed

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2903 Majesty

I started learning Japanese because of them and I want to take part in their LIVE very much!

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291Maaya SakamotoV7 Comments
292Justin Timberlake

Love his songs and the way he performance with the sexy and magnetic sound!
Can't wait to see him on the stage!

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293Yui Horie

Angel's voice!Everyone knows that animation is influential in Japan.She is a voice actor, she developed the animation industry Idol Seiyuu's Road.She made an outstanding contribution to the Japanese animation industry.

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294Yoshitaka Nishimura

You guys really should try some of his works, such as WOW WOW VENUS (with Sota. Fujimori), Colorful Cookie, and Snake Stick.

295Girls' Generation

Their music is very attractive and they will bring us an amazing stage

SNSD is girl group number 1. Olympic Tokyo 2020

They are very beautiful.They are good at singing. Their songs have magical powers. Their voice gave me a lot of energy.They are good singers.

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296Suzuko Mimori

She is so beautiful and cut! I love her song

Mimori Suzuko is the best in my heart. Especially her sweet smile and winks.

Cute cool and beautiful I love her forever

My favorite singer

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297SoraruV7 Comments

Kirito and all musicians of Angelo will make amazing show which will be remembered!

Please let us see the miracle again!

It's difficult to imagine that it comes true, but Angelo are good enough. Their music can touch something deep in the soul. Let it be their own "mukui no niji"...or their greatest headache))

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299CNBLUEV1 Comment
300Alan Dawa Dolma

At the beginning of 2006 signed Japan avex record company, opened her career in Japan.The ninth single "long river" in 2009 Alan won the championship on the sales charts in Japan Oricon - zml

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