Music Artists You'd Like to Perform at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremonies

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61 Kumi Koda

Koda Kumi is simply the queen of live. Not only her voice is great, but she can sing in many registers, and her performances during the past years have been really great. Furthermore, she can sing a lot of different music styles, from sweet pop, to sexy pop and even rock. I bet she would make the best performance ever!

Because she's the QUEEN OF LIVE! You need to see her shows to know how to do a big performance!

Kumi always puts on an amazing energetic performance, which is why she was chosen to perform at the 2011 MAMA awards, and is known worldwide for her more western sound, which has generated a lot of western fans! I believe her music is the type of music that will be enjoyed by people watching the world over, her performance will entertain the world and show how passionate JPOP can be! Please choose Kumi!

No other JPop acts come close to her in terms of her live performances. She energizes the audience and commands the stage with her overwhelming stage presence. When she is performing, your attention is locked on her and you won't be able to divert your gaze.

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62 Ken Hirai

He is the greatest Japanese singer.

International face with beautiful voice!

Ken hirai is the best. Please believe me. I am grateful.

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63 V6

I love V6 so much!
V6 is the best singer!
They sing the songs always make me happy:)
Please sing on that stage!
I expect this! I love them!

V6 is the first band that I really love. It is not like a band. Every time I see them, I think they are a family. And every time I listen to their music, I will get a lot of power that help me face a lot of difficulties. Love you, V6. You are the most beautiful star in my heart.

V6 can help to spread the image of happiness, energetic, spirit and solidarity of both Japan and V6. And V6 are good at dancing, can provide different entertainment besides singing.

V6,their songs are full of energy

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64 Sakanaction

I want people of the world to watch splendid direction of sakanaction! The world certainly swells!
Sakanaction is the best!

They have many special music and light!
Sakanaction is very cool!

I want people to see the charm that only sakanaction has!

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65 Mika Nakashima

She's really amazing! Excellent singer with so many famous songs so that I'm form China and I still know her and love her.

I am from Hong Kong, China. She is a very tranditional Japanese female singer to me. Loving her so deeply. Think she really can representing to Japan for this international event

I come from Taiwan and I'm one of her fans. She's always powerful, attractive and vigorous. I was in her live concert last year in Taiwan. Her voice's so touched and I believe no matter where you come from, you will be captured with her passion undoubtedly. So I sincerely think her image can represent Olympic's spirit.

Her song make me love myself and give me the power to try things again.

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66 Coldplay Coldplay Coldplay are a British rock band formed in 1996. The band consists of Chris Martin (lead vocalist and pianist), Jonny Buckland (lead guitarist), Guy Berryman (bassist) and Will Champion (drummer and backing vocalist). Manager Phil Harvey is often considered an unofficial fifth member. The band renamed more.

I think Coldplay is really cool, their songs are wonderful!

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67 Morning Musume '14

Morning Musume for Olympics 2020! Cause they are a legend to Japan's entertainment industry! Go Musume!

Morning Musume '14 is a very good idol group. They're great because they're Momusu. I can't tell much because I don't know how to express my love for them, but I think it's time for Morning Musume '14 and the other H! P singers to show the world how wonderful they are <3 and go make an audition in overseas too

Morning Musume '14 is said it is the best now in their 17 years of history. Morning Musume has been entertaining people for 17 years although members have been changing. There are so many idol groups in Japan nowadays. Morning musume has the longest history and has been keeping the best performance. Their dance is popular as "formation dance" which they move a lot and make lines or shape. Their singing is also good! They don't pretend only cute, but also cool, powerful and encourage people! They are also popular in all over the world. They never do lip singing anywhere compare to some idol groups. Their live performance is one of the very top in J-POP idols. Their songs has changes in this 5 years. Words in their song are very thoughtful. They sang the official support song for Sochi Olimpic 2014. They entertained with the song very well in front of Olympic players. So we can expect their are going to do the best job in Tokyo Olympic 2020.

Morning Musume is one of the biggest and best musicians in Japans history. They helped Japan be strong during the recession with the release of "LOVE Machine". They performed on Kohaku for 10 years straight. They were managed by Tsunku, one of Japans leading producers. They are considered to be THE original idol group, being nearly 23 years old by the time Tokyo 2020 rolls around. It would be an insult NOT to have MM '20 at the Tokyo Olympics!

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68 A.B.C-Z

Because They Are Acrobat Boys Club like a athlete gymnastic ^^d

They are very talented and make great acrobatic shows!

These songs and acrobat are very exciting!

I'm sure they'll make us happy and excited!

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69 Goose House

Their songs are very light and beautiful.

Really like goose house very much

Lovely band, and beautiful songs.

Wonderful songs

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70 Yellow Magic Orchestra

One of the most influential, internationally-successful Japanese bands of all time. Perfect for representing the country at the Olympics.

I hoop they can sing a song again

I love them very much. I hope they can sing a song together once again.

Epic electronic band!

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71 Yuzuki Yukari Yuzuki Yukari

She is good also at talking in addition to a song.

Very good Vocaloid with beautiful voice!

Yukari is a really good vocaloid. Her voice is as beautiful as vocaloid

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72 Yuma Nakayama

He is the best of the best Jonny's

He is handsome and hardworking

I love Yuma! He is so cutem funny and kind. When he smile I feel very happy.

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73 Kim Hyun-Joong

In addition to its excellent temperament, the positive image of the enthusiastic public good, but also with his professional performing arts literacy, solid music skills, as well as his professionalism is closely related.

He is number one for all the time..

He constantly challenges himself and tries to surpass it.

I am very happy because my idol is succeed

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74 Nana Mizuki

I love your songs of anime and on live on youtube you are the one sing for the Olympiics opening ceremonies and ending ceremonies everybody loves you P.s I'm fan of your songs and your songs on my ipod

I like her enthusiasm and her powerful voice, so I think she can absolutely make OLYMPICS a divine event. Besides, Japanese animation is highly symbolic to Japan. Mizuki Nana, as a anime artist, can therefore make OLYMPICS in Tokyo much more featured and distinguishable. I can not wait to see her standing on the wonderful stage and singing with all her energy.

She has her struggle in the industry but her never give up spirit make her have great achievements today. It really does come in tail to what the Olympics are.

One of the most beautiful voice on earth!

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75 Erika Sawajiri Erika Sawajiri V 5 Comments
76 Rookiez is Punk'd V 2 Comments
77 Linkin Park Linkin Park Linkin Park is an American rock band formed in Agoura Hills, California, in 1996. The members include Chester Bennington (vocals), Mike Shinoda (rapping vocals, pianist), Brad Delson (guitar), Dave "Phoenix" Farrell (bass), Joe Hahn (DJ) and Rob Bourdon (drums). Linkin Park are associated with a mixture more.

I love Linkin Park! A very famous rock band in the world, and they perform amazing and exciting shows, so I think their music style is suitable for the beginning of the Olympics!

I love Linkin Park! I and my husband are for you forever.

Very popular band in Japan and in the world...

Linkin park is my favorite band,their songs can give me power.They are so creative that they can always make excellent music.They are well -known all over the world.

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78 Bump of Chicken

This artist always encourages me

BUMP OF CHICKEN is the best Japanese band.

I want to sing their songs by BUMP OF CHICKEN

Bump of chicken is the Japanese best band. I like them very much.

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79 Kalafina

I like Kalafina. I listened many songs by this team in the OP of some animation.

Their voice is so ethereal and holy, their songs can bring me peace. I have listened their songs for 4 years.

Their voice is beautiful and I also like their songs.

Kalafina is a very versatile group. Their songs go from sweet ballads to rock songs. People with different musical tastes may like them. For me, they're an example of how different "things" can unite in one "element". A very good representation of Japan to the world.

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80 Ikimono-gakari

They must be on top 10 because their song is the best.

They sang for the Japanese athletes IN London last Olympics, so I don't see why they shouldn't do it again in their own country

Their music spreads the plus energy! They can cheer up the audience! Fighting!

They are the best

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