Top Ten Music Genres Metalheads Hate Most

I don't like most of them. If I don't like them I just ignore them and everything's fine. (Ok, I only can listen to kawaii metal if somebody's blasting it somewhere. But not all the time.)
Maybe.....and just'll like one of these if you give the a try. WHO KNOWS?


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I hate voting for pop, as you can't just generalize the whole genre for a garbage portion of the songs and that I actually like some pop songs, and metal songs combined with pop. But I believe that the "pop music" that I hate the most are the ones that are famous due to active trenders, and not because of the actual pop fans. And no, I'm not a pop fan myself.

Bleh, pop is pretty bland. There's no instruments, which is an immediate red flag for me, lyrics almost always about sex, and they aren't even written by the singer most the time. - ryanrimmel

Of course because metal fans/metalheads are idiots and deaf so they can't identify real music - perfumelovers

God pops disgusting and very boring

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2Hip Hop

I'm not interested in any of the listed genres but I respect opera - a big part of metal sounds quite operatic (vocals, metal opera bands like Avantasia, and so on). - Metal_Treasure

I am a metalhead and a hip hop lover, I don't understand how metalhead hate hip hop when they're so alike - KrazzyMadd

3Kawaii Metal

Does this subgenre even exists? - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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God no just don't get me started on this one

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Willie Nelson, Zac Brown, and Johnny Cash are really good, but modern country doesn't appeal to me at all. - ryanrimmel

Couldn't agree more. While some modern country is traditional and solid, the vast majority is nothing more than pop with a twang.


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Some dubstep can be good, but most are terrible - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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Haha funk is pretty awesome. Primus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, James Brown, etc - ryanrimmel

They play a fusion of funk and rock - ryanrimmel

I didn't know that The Red Hot Chili Peppers
played Funk. I learned something new because I like some of their songs. - CannibalCorpse

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Yeah this should be at least number 3 - Jackal2272

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15Nu Metal

Wait what? I'm a metalhead and I love nu metal. What's so bad about it? - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

Nu Metal actually got me into Metal
but I can really understand why it's hated.

Marduk vs Limp Bizkit...Marduk wins - CannibalCorpse


Judging by the name, it deserves the hatred it gets.

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