Top Ten Music Genres That Teens Like

i only want people ages 12-21 voting on here please!

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I listen to primarily rock. I've noticed that it really gives me a better appreciation for ALL genres of music. Ex: Deathcore, Metalcore, Jazz, Rap, HipHop, Pop, Country, Classical, Punk, Grundge, Metal, BlackMetal, Emo, Pop-punk, Alternative and etc... One thing that I really love and appreciate about Rock music is that I can ALWAYS find a song that describes how I feel, for example, if I'm feeling depressed "Hopeless" by Breaking Benjamin or "Someone Who Cares" by Three Days Grace would describe how I feel, or if I'm feeling daring "Do It Now, Remember It Later" by Sleeping With Sirens would work. But you can find a song to describe ANY emotion

Now, don't get me wrong, I listen to various kinds of music. You'll find Rock, Pop, EDM, and Hip Hop happily coexisting on my MP3 player. But rock is like popular music's home base. Everyone, evens those who aren't rock fans, know at least one rock song. Many of the great mass appeal artists are rock based, such as Queen. And a majority of the other genres no doubt have their origins in some form of rock. Plus, it's flexible. So many sub genres of rock exists, as well as fusion genres to suit any mood. While, like I said before, I listen to many types of music, my early years were heavily shaped by my parents musical interests. David Bowie in particular is like home to me (and he's a great example of a rock crossover artist).

Glad to see I'm not the only teen who hates rap and hip/hop and love rock.

I'm so happy that rock is 1 and not that rap or hip hop garbage! Faith in teenagers has not been lost! (completely)

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While it may have crazy artists, sometimes bordering evil, metal is often the fastest and the most intense of all the genres as well as the more mellower ones, which are still epic. This takes the most skill and sometimes the most creativity, and the only thing that matches metal is rock. It can go from your shredder bands to your metal/symphony bands and if the band isn't screamo, and god forbid I hope it's not screamo, then they tend to amaze. I don't see the appeal in pop which tends to be focused toward the singer, and I don't see the appeal in rap or hiphop which is centered toward a repetitive beat and continuously droning, ahem, singers.

Metal deserves to be number one because irs NOT simple and boring, its really complex and fast compared to other music genres like rap and pop. It also makes the whole band important instead of a backing track behind a singer and calling it music. Another thing is the topics, they are about soceity, politics, and history not about how a boy always gets a girl because he sings its about lifes ups and downs but at the same time it has a big punch that gets you happy and you can enjoy the bass behind the guitar solos while the singer is singing. If anyone is new to metal I would tell them to listen to either Iron Maiden or Megadeth. Also metal isn't all screamo, death, and goth there are more metal bands who don't have anything to do with that stuff then the stuff that do. Metal is a genre has shows importance in the whole band, but has important tipics but at the same time it will have really technical rythems with guitar solos and amazing singers such as Bruce Dickinson. That is why Metal deserves to be the number 1 music genre.

Progressive metal, It's a lot different than metal. It's THE most diverse and eclectic music genre ever, and is very dissimilar to popular metal, such as what most of the people on this list are listening to. For some reason though a lot of teenagers say they listen to "metal" when it's really just pop music with distortion and screaming. Very few popular "metal" are actually metal, and this is one of the most misunderstood genres.

Most teens think of Metallica, Slipknot, and Disturbed when they think of metal (which is fine, I love those bands) but I listen to all of metal. From Iron Maiden to Gorgoroth to Abominable Putridity to Death to Carnifex, I love it all

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Honestly, Alternative music should be number one on all of the music. It should be number one on the charts because of its creativity and originality. Another reason I favor Alternative music is because it’s sneaky. By sneaky I mean that it is commonly mistaken for other genres, such as metal, scream, country, rock, pop, jazz, etc. My examples: Mumford and Sons is typically mistaken for country music, the band Fun. For Pop, and Linkin Park for Rock. Not only is it creative, original, and sneaky genre, but it has variety. Tons and tons of variety. All the artists and bands who selected the genre Alternative deserve a round of applause. From back in the day Red Hot Chili Peppers and Sublime to 2013's Lana Del Rey and Imagine Dragons will always rank and be number one.

Radiohead, Joy Division, Placebo, Bright Eyes, Sigur Ros, Pixies, Gotye, Half Japanese, Mumford & Sons, The Vaccines, Vampire Weekend

Just a few of the brilliant alternative bands out there you will find
Right now I'm obsessed with Joy Division; post punk sounds and lyrics that I can really sense genuine emotion in
Mix in a little folky Simon & Garfunkel to revise to and Radiohead for everyday and you've got my eclectic taste in music
P. S - listen to Yann Tiersen, beautiful music - mixed with the Beatles and Broken Social Scene and you have a great morning combo x

Alternative music for the win! My favorites are Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots, Green Day, Panic! At the Disco... you get the picture. Alternative is different from most other genres because they have thoughtful lyrics that are far from shallow. They are obscure and beautiful and every song by every band has a completely different story and feel. I think alternative should definitely be number one.

Number one music genre. Period.

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Today, teens don't like rock music at all. It was very sad, but I am the only one left in my whole entire school y
That even knows Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd. I am proud to love rock music of all kinds, but being a teen, I know that normal teens like pop, not rock or metal. There are a few of us left, but we are very scarce.

It's like people are dumbfounded; too simple. They can only handle the simple verse/chorus jingle playing as background music in their car, not real music. Music is ANYTHING but pop, from Classical music to Death Metal. Pop music is only called "pop" because the few underachieving, auto-tuned artists who run the industry are able to keep brainwashing the simpletons who keep listening to it, and block out good music at the same time.

Teens listen to pop music a lot most of all because 24/7 all the radio stations in the country play pop music and they are just too lazy to search and find some real and better music.

It is calmer than most of the others I have heard of.

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5Electronic Dance Music

Daft Punk and Deadmau5 forever! I like that many of the top electronic artists don't actually have to have vulgarity in there songs to make them good.

This genre is great, gets you going in no time. Avicii - Levels is a song from heaven. I just wanna know how DubStep didn't make the list.

This genre is viewed by many who don't understand it as not real music. Its dance party music that can get anyone up and in it. Like the others said it's the real future of music.

The music is very creative and the music is beautiful

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6Thrash Metal

Thrash Metal is amazing. The songs are fast paced and creative. In my opinion pop, hip-hop and rap is garbage. Thrash Metal is just pure creativity and skill. My friend introduced me to Thrash metal and I'm so glad he did

Megadeth, Metalica, Anthrax, Death Angel, Testament, Annihilator, Slayer, Exodus, Overkill...well you get the point

Thrash almost in best 10 again. I think it's because most of teens haven't ever heard about it -,-

"The only real music is beautiful music" - Andres Segovia

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Music is what makes people pumped up or relax and dubstep is that genres that makes people pumped up but only those who enjoy it like drops because it makes them in the mood for it. Every sound in that sequence makes sense to people who truly enjoy this genres

A lot of people don't accept this genre of music yet because it is so different from everything else. But that's what they said about heavy rock 50 years ago, so I think with time dubstep will grow in popularity. Also, there are many cool styles, such as chill step, which is more relaxing and quiet, and more heavy brostep.

Steps to making a dubstep song (2 ways) 
Way 1: repeatedly bang your head on a keyboard while on a dubstep making program
Way 2: Repeatedly say "wub" while smashing bottles in a rhythmic fashion, stamping your feet and scratching your nails on a chalkboard in a rhythmic fashion 
Results: money 

Skrillex is honestly the best dubstep artist

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Awesome and I don't hate it

Bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, STP etc. Are undoubtably some of the greatest bands around and there masterpieces will never be forgotten...R.I.P. kurt Cobain & Layne Staley

With the teenagers that just wanna party and have meaning in it, grunge seems to be the way to go

Grunge was exactly the thing I was listening to when I was in high school, and then I moved on to more metal music. - NuMetalManiak

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Country music is the best genres of music ever! There are so many amazing country singers out there. Johnny Cash, George Strait, Alan Jackson and Easton Corbin, and new people like Carrie Underwood and Josh Turner - they are all wonderful! And they have real talent.

This is the only genre I don't like because not too many people are as country as Johnny Cash. - MusicalPony

Country is the best! Scotty McCreery and Hunter Hayes are my top favorite! (: but all country music is good! I mean some of today's music is good and all but country is by far the ultimate best don't you think?

A lot more people should listen to this it is an amazing genre I don't understand why so many people hate it it's the best genre ever created with people like Johnny Cash, Reba, and now Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton - donovanthorn

Country music is the best music in history

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When I saw screamo I was so happy! I love the heavy screamo stuff! Metal, alternative and screamo are a part of me and forever will be and I agree why does everybody hate on screamo? If you don't like it, you don't need to rub in our faces (our faces being screamo fandom's faces)

Screamo helps people get through life. I don't understand why people think we are so different for listening to it. one of my favorite bands Of Mice &Men has really helped me. Don't hate.

Screamo is just amazing... it helps me to smile and go ahead in life, so it is very good if you are with a depression. you can search "screamo" in the YouTube, and then you will get a playlist that you can listen to at first. I don't understand why people don't like, that's not weird!

I like loud noises

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I love R&B. It relaxes my soul.


Green Day All The Way

I like real punk like NOFX, Bad Religion, Black Flag, Minor Threat, Pennywise, Rancid, Propagandhi, The Clash, The Suicide Machines, No Use For a Name and The Descendents. Not that Warped Tour crap that everyone is talking about in the comments.

I'm the son of rage and love, The Jesus of Suburbia!

Yes! Sex Pistols, Bad Religion, The Clash, Misfits, Black Flag,...

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13Hip Hop

Man, there are too many metal fans on this sight. These days metal hardly prospers in the Industry (which in truth is a sad thing). HIP HOP, though it is still in early stages, has become a sort of new ROCK because ROCK at its time was a voice against the world and something totally unique. Now rock is a LEGENDARY genre but teens want something that is NEW and REBELLIOUS. Its the same thing as saying that the BEATLES came, got attention and are now legends... In the same way guys like EMINEM have come and to get attention and become LEGENDS.

Hip hop too me if performed by the right person is very creative and can express so many feelings in a cooler way too me but everybody is different and some would oppose my opinion but in all honesty hiphop is the best too me but I still love other kinds of music like pop jazz and country especially because of the collaberations some artist do and beats they use which they sample from other genres of music.

I just love the attitude it's my favourite out of all of them I have no idea why it's 3rd I think it should at least be 2nd it's ju

Why no one understands hip hop is not a genre but a lifestyle

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14Indie Rock

Gimme Indie Rock-Sebadoh, not necessarily a song that I enjoy, but it definitely has its place in the world of alternative/indie rock. It details the struggle to want to hear that hard driving, heavy hitting, heart pounding guitar that only rock music can provide.

15Indie Pop

Kanye is a rich spoiled mamas boy. He could hardly function when his mama was gone. Most of the other rappers are creep loosers too. They have no real musical talent, so they talk you to death with real musicians providing musical background for peanuts, while the rappers spend tons of money on dope, sex, and other stupid and meaningless things that don't make this world any better.
When I saw that Paul McCartney teamed with Kanye, I totally lost respect for Paul. Kanye is a spoiled mamas boy creep with no real talent.

Kid Cudi. That is all.

Kanye all the way baby

Woo go Bruce Springsteen!

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17Progressive Rock

Progressive rock should be on this list, the genre is known for mixing in genres like jazz and classical into rock. The songs are often longer, Yes, Genesis, Jethro Tull, Magma, and King Crimson are some examples.

Just listen to Tool's Lateralus album and you will want to vote this... - Jetticus12

I'm a teen and I listen to this great genre known as " Progressive Rock". - MusicalPony

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18Folk Rock

2 words Bob Dylan

19Pop Punk

Pop punk, punk and skate punk is the same. Blink 182 is the best band ever but guys in my school don't know who the hell blink 182 is, which sucks. They don't even try to listen but just consider it bad because it's not popular. Pop is popular nowadays, everyone listen to it because it's just popular. But I have listened to almost every genre and I like metal, rock all those sort of genres.

WHAT THE HELL? I can't believe that this wasn't even on the list! Pop Punk is aimed at and appeals more to teens than most genres here!

Pop without a little complex formations sucks! Sometimes, people ask: "Who the hell Green Day & Blink 182 are? " Stupid people are never gonna recognize legends, the godfathers of Pop-Punk...

Its just great, bands like Sum 41, Green Day, Blink 182 are just awesome.

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From SNSD to 2NE1 to Miss A. They are all amazing! It doesn't matter what language its in. It's the music that matters. The feel of it and the beat. That is real music.

Hello I'm pretty sure psy gagnam style was the most popular song to listen to like a year ago. And Kpop is actually catchy music like wonder girls miss a girl generation super junior and so on are awesome then again I'm obsessed with Asian people in general :/

Why is this not in the top 10? I know LOTS of teens who adore the genre.

I love kpop. It's really good and not about inappropriate stuff all the time. It's catchy and to dance along to. I love kpop a lot

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