Top 10 Musicians Who Are/Were in Deep Purple, Rainbow and Whitesnake


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21Doug Aldrich - Whitesnake
22Tommy Aldridge - Whitesnake
23Vivian Campbell - Whitesnake
24Joe Satriani - Deep Purple

He briefly toured with Deep Purple as the lead guitarist, joining shortly after the departure of Ritchie Blackmore in November 1993. - Metal_Treasure

25Marco Mendoza - Whitesnake
26Rod Evans - Deep PurpleRoderic Evans is an English former singer. In the late 1960s he began his professional career in The Maze, formerly MI5, after which he was a member of the original Deep Purple line-up.

He had a good voice but played his cards really foolishly. In 1980 he began to tour under the Deep Purple name accompanied by unknown session musicians. He was sued by the genuine Deep Purple and as a result, Evans no longer receives royalties from the band's first three albums. - Metal_Treasure

27Tommy Bolin - Deep Purple
28Jens Johansson - Rainbow

A keyboardist for Stratovarius and Yngwie, he joined Rainbow in 2015 for several live shows in 2016. Blackmore said that they do not have plans for a new album or world tour, and that the reunion is "just a few dates for fun." - Metal_Treasure

29David Rosenthal - Rainbow
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