Top Ten Musicians Who Aren't from the United States or England


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21Boris Christoff (Bulgaria)Boris Christoff was a Bulgarian opera singer, widely considered to have been one of the greatest basses of the 20th century.
22Jose Carreras (Spain)Josep Maria Carreras i Coll, better known as José Carreras, is a Spanish tenor from Catalonia who is particularly known for his performances in the operas of Verdi and Puccini.
23Enrico Caruso (Italy)
24Gus G (Greece)Konstantinos Karamitroudis also known as Gus G, born September 12, 1980 in Greece is a heavy metal guitarist. He currently plays with his band Firewind and Ozzy Osbourne
25George Kollias (Greece)Georgios "George" Kollias is a Greek heavy metal drummer and music teacher best known for his work with American technical death metal band Nile.
26Celine Dion (Canada)
27Andrew Stockdale (Australia)
28J Cole (Germany)
29Terrance and Phillip (Canada)
30Andrea Bocelli (Italy)Andrea Bocelli, OMRI, OMDSM is an Italian classical crossover tenor, recording artist, and singer-songwriter. Born with poor eyesight, he became permanently blind at the age of 12 following a football accident.
31David Foster (Canada)David Walter Foster is a Canadian musician, record producer, composer, songwriter, and arranger, who has won 16 Grammys.V1 Comment
32Jean-Luc Ponty (France)
33Peter Tagtgren (Sweden)Alf Peter Tägtgren is a Swedish musician, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He is the founder, main songwriter, lead vocalist, and guitarist of the death metal band Hypocrisy as well as the industrial metal band PAIN in which he is the only member.
34King Diamond (Denmark)Kim Bendix Petersen, better known by his stage name King Diamond, is a Danish heavy metal musician. He is known for his extensive vocal range, usually sung in falsetto. King Diamond was originally known as the vocalist for Mercyful Fate, but has become notorious for his horror themed Concept albums more.
35Tobias Sammet (Germany)Tobias Sammet is a German musician. He is best known as the vocalist and primary songwriter of the power metal band Edguy, as well as the founder, main singer and bassist of the metal opera Avantasia.
36James LaBrie (Canada)Kevin James LaBrie is a Canadian vocalist and songwriter, who is best known as the lead singer of the American progressive metal band Dream Theater.
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