Top Ten My Little Pony Songs That Make You Cry

The Top Ten

1 Music In the Treetops

Fluttershy sings about a beautiful day, HOW WILL BE SAD?

This song always make me Cry of all time

What a lovely song Fluttershy sang!

2 Smile

Ok the parody probably been dark, and disturbing, but the songs isn't SO sad

3 So Many Wonders
4 Hush Now Quiet Now
5 The Stallion Song
6 This Is Our Big Night

I am sorry but I hate this song with every atom in my body, it is such a useless scene, destroy it with a nuclear missle!

7 Cafeteria Song
8 At the Gala
9 This Day Aria
10 Winter Wrap Up

The Contenders

11 The Failure Song

When Twilight Sparkle failed( kind of) she was sad because she did not want to let Princess Celistia down. It really relates to the song when she enters the door and Princess Celistia said she failed. So sad! Should be number one.

12 Love Is In Bloom

It is a beautiful song. I love it. - Pegasister12

It is a beautiful song. - Pegasister12

13 Let the Rainbow Remind You

Saddest song and happiest song ever! This made me cry when season 4 ended

14 I've Got to Find a Way V 1 Comment
15 Chop Suey

Just... Just... Just...


This is a song from system of a down

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