Best NASCAR Drivers of 2014

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1Dale Earnhardt

Dale has really worked hard this year and I think he deserves first place

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2Jimmie JohnsonJimmie Kenneth Johnson is an American professional stock car racing driver and a six-time champion in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.V1 Comment
3Kevin Harvick

He is the only driver so far to win more than one race

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4Joey Logano

Nothing but a whiny little kid with 5 wins. Thank goodness he didn't win the Chase. (MY OPINION: NO HATING ON ME)

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5Jeff Gordon

Why is Danica higher than Jeff? Jeff had more top 2 finishes than Danica had top 20 finishes?

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6Tony Stewart

Tony is doing great things on and off the track. Being a bit ornery, well that's just his nature.

Hoosiers, just stick together.

RIP Kevin Ward JR. I do not blame Stewart for the inncedient at all, but only him and Ward Jr no what happend

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7Danica Patrick

Best Driver? She is failing terribly in the team she is in. But the bright side about her is her temper it's pretty funny.

Not to be sexist or anything, but she isn't all that good

Go girl! We have the power to do anything! Take that boys!

Your joking, right? She wrecks every race

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8Carl Edwards

Carl is the best, Carl for the win

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9Kurt BuschKurt Thomas Busch is an American professional stock car racing driver. He currently competes full-time in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.
10Denny Hamlin

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11Brad Keselowski
12Kyle Busch
13AJ Allmendinger

Barly missed the second round of the chase. But, all year he gave it his all!

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14Ryan Newman
15Kyle Larson

The future of NASCAR. Has a little more talent than chase elliott

Great racing for a rookie. He is a future champion.

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16Aric Almirola
17Austin Dillon
18Chase Elliott

Chase Elliott will become one of NASCAR's greatest stars in the future.

I hope the 2016 rookie will win at the 2016 NASCAR season

19Justin Allgier
20Paul Menard
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1. Jimmie Johnson
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