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201Young Jibwe
202Az ChiefV2 Comments
203Az Prince
204Triple Jake 6

I just know him from the song how we living

206S. Casoose

Great to see your progression thus far & I can't wait to see what is in store for you next. -Supa-Que

Thanks for putting me on the list. ! Means a lot. ! Thanks for listening and sharing my music. Continue to listen and share. !

S. Casoose makes great music! His words are genuine. His flows are superb! He is a great artist!

Casoose deserves to be Top 10!

V3 Comments
207Little Jay
208Ashkii Raree
209Jake 6
210Mista Face

My late great uncle, wish I put his name on sooner but I just didn't. he's my favorite rapper I wish he never got sick he could've had a succesfull carrer.

211Brandon Puente
212Levi D

Sick native rapper from because

213J DUB

Young dude is a beast one of few to actually put it down for white earth I've had chances to work with the young brotha and for being in a area where the hip-hop scene ain't that big he puts it down

214Skimpy Ripps
215Mistah Jayohcee
216Highgrade Music

Hands down most current and ill music to date these guys are sick most underrated group in Canada


Illest producer/native rapper in the game. One of the members of Highgrade Music This dude produces sick beats and kill tracks

218Native Boy
219Myndst8 TVD
220Po.10. Cee

An amazing native hip hop group from taos.. Full of innovation..

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