Native Hiphop's Finest of 2010


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Crow Rez! my favorite because of his last 2 cd's, "Crow Hop" and "Deadly Penz", he's got a good message and is one of the top native lyricists there is.

L. A.! my other favorite, heard his single "Tapatio" and had to become a big fan! loved his "Hawthorne's Most Wanted" cd. Havent heard his earlier ones tho...


4SHORT DOG tha native
I like the music he makes, spits it 4 my type of native! definitely was hard picking between these top three!

I like his voice, and almost every song he's posted on MySpace since I've first heard of him. a few years ago... plus I see he gets a lot of luv.

From Canada, I am not too familiar with the native rappers from Canada, but have been trying to get to know about them a little more!

7BIGG B(warm springs)
Been a fan since I first heard "Gamesta", his producer and him just click together and make good music! his new cd "LifeStyle Music" is the shiznit too!

Couldn't pick one over the other, I like both of their styles and they make good music! what else can I say!

2 Young natives on the rise from Spokane, Washington!

OH YES! I couldn't let you forget about my homeboy Spook who is one of the top native producers in the biz and myself, dropping an album later this year! lol

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